Cadet Zurin Dakal

Name: Zurin Dakal
Rank: Cadet 3rd class
Position: Operations Officer USS Titan

Starfleet History
2377: Enters Starfleet Academy
2379: Assigned to USS Titan for field study

Personal History
During the Dominion War, Dakal and his family fled Cardassia to the neutral world of Lejonis, an action about which he was deeply torn at the time as the necessity to escape the clutches of the Dominion clashed with deeply-ingrained patriotism. Dakal shattered even more taboos of Cardassian society when he chose to enter Starfleet; until that time, to enter another culture's military forces was unheard of and even to fraternize too much with non-Cardassians was seen as rather aberrant. While Dakal intended, upon enrollment in Starfleet Academy, to act as something of a "cultural ambassador" to introduce those outside the Cardassian Union to something other than his people's warlike side, in practice Dakal could be rather shy. Contrary to the Cardassian reputation for xenophobia, it was not their diversity that bothered Dakal—in fact, unlike many crew members, Dakal responded to the presence of the predators in the Titan's mess hall with equanimity. Rather, it was unease with himself and his ability to relate to them, that troubled him. The cautious-natured Dakal was sometimes self-conscious about his status as first Cardassian in Starfleet, a difficulty that led him at times to withdraw from conversation lest he be made to deal in a public manner with actions his people had taken of which he was ashamed.

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