Lieutenant Zelik Leybenzon

Name: Zelik Leybenzon
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Chief USS Titan

Starfleet History
????: Enlists in Starfleet
????: Assigned to USS Armstrong
????: Receives battlefield commission
????: Assigned to ground forces on Chin'toka
????: Reassigned to USS Roosevelt
????: Reassigned to Starbase 23
2379: Lieutenant assigned to USS Titan as Security Chief

Personal History
Leybenzon was born on the Federation farming colony, Gault, around the time that Worf left the colony to live on Earth with Sergey Rozhenko and his family. By the early 2370s, Leybenzon had enlisted in Starfleet as a security officer, and was assigned to the USS Armstrong at the start of the Dominion War. During the war, Leybenzon's quick thinking in repairing a damaged phaser bank that had been written off by the chief engineer and chief of security, led to him receiving a battlefield commission. Following his assignment on the Armstrong, Leybenzon was assigned to the ground forces defending the Chin'toka system, where he saw action against the Jem'Hadar. During the war, Leybenzon met Lieutenant Commander Worf, and he left a favorable impression on the Klingon. Following the war, Leybenzon saw service aboard the USS Roosevelt and Starbase 23, earning the rank of lieutenant by 2379. Like many crew of Starbase 23, he was considered a "trouble case" - a difficult officer who was relegated to an out-of-the-way assignment. When Worf became the First Officer of the Titan he recommended Leybenzon to Captain Riker to join the security staff as the Security Chief. Leybenzon initially refused the assignment, not wishing to work so closely with such by-the-book officers. Admiral Vance Haden pointed out that this would be Leybenzon's only chance to escape the career-ending assignment at Starbase 23, and convinced him to accept Worf's invitation.

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