Lieutenant Xander Wallace

Name: Xander Wallace
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Position: Chief Engineer USS Galen
Age: 24

Starfleet History
2373: Enters Starfleet Academy
2377: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2378: Assigned to USS Potemkin as Engineer
2380: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and reassigned to USS Galen as Chief Engineer

Personal History
Xander was born in 2356 in San Francisco, CA. Growing up Xander always knew he was different than all the other boys. In high school Xander had his first boyfriend tho he never had the courage to come out to his parents or anyone for that matter. This always strained Xander's relationships. At seventeen he entered Starfleet Academy. At the Academy he majored in engineering and did not select a minor. He was assigned to the Potemkin after graduating from the Academy. His career was so promising that he was named the Chief Engineer of the Galen despite not serving as an Assistant first.

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