Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher

Name: Wesley Crusher
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Second Officer/Security Chief USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
Age: 31

Starfleet History
2364: Made Acting Ensign
2366: Promoted to Ensign
2367: Enters Starfleet Academy at start of 2nd semester as Freshman
2370: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2370: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as Security Officer
2372: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) as Assistant Security Chief
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant and named Security Chief
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named Second Officer

Personal History
When Wesley was only five years old, his father, Jack Crusher, was killed during an away mission while serving on board the USS Stargazer under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard was forced to choose between saving another team member or Crusher, his personal friend, and Crusher ended up losing his life. Wesley would remember the look in the captain's eyes when he broke the news to Wesley and his mother. For some time, Wesley would remain angry at Picard for surviving when his father did not, although this faded as he got older. In time he came to understand the situation that Picard and his father were in, but unknowingly developed a fear of being faced with the same dilemma that Picard had to deal with.

Ten years later, fifteen-year-old Wesley found himself living aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D when his mother, Doctor Beverly Crusher became Captain Picard's chief medical officer aboard the ship. Wesley often was a challenge and sore sight in the captain's eyes, even if he was the son of a good friend, because of the captain's disdain for children, although Wesley's astuteness and knowledge of engineering, as well as top grades on scientific examinations continuously impressed Picard. These same characteristics were, in part, the cause of Wesley suffering from loneliness early on, as his peers were intimidated by his bright mind – he also showed a tendency to take his duties almost too seriously. Wesley excelled at his studies aboard that vessel and through the primary school found himself participating in work-study programs alongside many of the Enterprise's senior officers. When in 2364 the crew of the Enterprise became intoxicated with polywater and exhibited unusual manic behavior, Wesley, who had also became intoxicated, took control of engineering, appointing himself acting captain Wesley Crusher and barricading himself in engineering, watching as Jim Shimoda pulled out most of the isolinear chips that controlled the navigational system of the ship. This put the Enterprise in danger when a stellar core fragment was hurtling in their direction. However, the incident did allow Wesley to display his knowledge of the ship's inner workings and he proposed that they turn the starship's tractor beam into a repulsor beam to push away the Enterprise. This move gave the Enterprise the extra time needed for Data to finish the repairs so the ship could move.

In 2364, Wesley befriended The Traveler when he accompanied Kosinski aboard the Enterprise-D to assist with warp drive efficiency upgrade experiments. When the ship was transported millions of light years to the M-33 Galaxy, Wesley assisted The Traveler in returning the ship to their own galaxy. It was just before the Enterprise's return to its original position that The Traveler informed Captain Picard of Wesley's prodigious abilities, telling him that Wesley was a genius with the intricacies of time, energy and propulsion and that those talents needed to be encouraged. However, he emphasized that neither Wesley nor his mother should ever be told any of this, as it was important that the boy cultivate those abilities naturally without interference. Captain Picard, who was also very impressed with Wesley's contributions during that mission, granted him the field commission of acting ensign "for conduct in the true spirit and traditions of Starfleet" on stardate 41263.4. He told Wesley that whether that rank became permanent depended on him. He also instructed Commander William Riker to make out a duty roster for him to learn the ship and its operations from top to bottom so he would be ready for the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam.

During a visit to the planet Rubicun III, Wesley accidentally disturbed the plants while playing—and, as punishment, was sentenced to death. Even though Picard was shocked at the sentence the inhabitants of the planet, the Edo, had imposed on Wesley, he nonetheless decided to respect their laws by not immediately beaming away "the Wesley boy". Picard discovered that the Edo were provided for by a mysterious object in their planet's orbit. After much inner struggle and extensive negotiations with the Edo that proved unfruitful, Picard decided that in this case he had no choice but to violate the Prime Directive to save Wesley's life. Prepared to battle the entity in space if necessary and over the Edo's objection, he attempted to beam Wesley to safety to find the Edo God was preventing it. However knowing they could hear him, Picard successfully argued that the sentence was unjust and laws with no leeway or exceptions was an injustice in itself. The entities accepted the argument by allowing the beam-out. Later that year, Wesley was given his wish of being an adult who is taken seriously after Commander William T. Riker was given the power of the Q; but he rejected the change, stating that he wanted to get there on his own. Riker displayed great trust in Wesley, such as assigning him the responsibility of overlooking the Bynars work on upgrading the Enterprise's computers on the bridge repairing a serious holodeck malfunction that could have killed four Enterprise crewmembers as well as discreetly looking over Lore's actions. In the attempt by Lore to hijack the Enterprise, it was Wesley who discovered that Lore was impersonating Data. In the beginning no one believed Wesley and he was sent off the bridge for making the accusation, but it turned out that Wesley had been in fact correct about Lore all along. When the Aldeans kidnapped the children on the Enterprise as they were unable to procreate, Wesley led the children in an act of defiance, encouraging them to not cooperate with the Aldeans so they would be forced to let them go back. After the Enterprise offered to cure the Aldeans, the children were released. Late in 2364, Wesley took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, but did not pass. However, his spirits were lifted when Picard told him that he too had failed the exam the first time.

A year later, in 2365, Picard allowed Wesley to stay on board the Enterprise when his mother left for Starfleet Medical with Riker expressing concern on who would tuck Wesley in at night with his mother gone. Picard later tried to offer him some words of comfort after he witnessed the destruction of the USS Yamato. In 2365, Crusher met Salia, a young girl who was to be the ruler of Daled IV. Salia was tended to by Anya, an allasomorph who could change shapes. She threatened Wesley but was stopped by Salia. Although she, too, was smitten with Wesley, she chose to do her duty and left the Enterprise. In 2365, William Riker assigned Wesley command of a science team with the mission of investigating Selcundi Drema. Wesley chose Prixus, Alans, Hildebrant and Davies to serve on his team. Picard and Wesley took the shuttlecraft Einstein to Starbase 515 together where on the way they learned many things about each other. Picard offered him some words of advice, saying that he should read literature, philosophy and history as well as subjects not required reading, so one day everything in the universe might mean something to him. Wesley and La Forge worked closely together on preparing the eighty year-old USS Hathaway for a simulated war games battle against the Enterprise during Operation Lovely Angel.

One of Wesley's experiments went wrong and almost destroyed the Enterprise. He had created nanites, small robots, that were replicating and becoming sentient. After a scientist on board Enterprise, Dr. Paul Stubbs, tried to kill them because they had interfered with his experiment, they attacked the ship. Data allowed them to enter his body in order to speak through him, and a solution was found. After hearing Jeremy Aster's mother Marla had died, Wesley became upset for Jeremy, as his father had also been killed on an away mission. Riker attempted to console him and Wesley asked him how he got used to telling family members that a relative had been killed. Riker replied "You hope you never do." Wesley successfully completed his written exams for Starfleet Academy in 2366 but did not complete his oral exams that year when he failed to board the USS Bradbury for the journey to Earth. When reviewing his service record, Captain Picard felt that Wesley's service made him an acting ensign in name only, and promoted him to full ensign, with all responsibilities and privileges – including the right to wear a Starfleet uniform. Wesley served as ensign aboard the Enterprise for the next year before leaving to become a cadet.

After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Picard offered to accompany Wesley to Earth, but first had to stop on Pentarus to mediate a dispute. The two were to travel with a representative of the planet named Dirgo. Their shuttle crashed and they were stranded on a desert planet. They found a water fountain in a cave but it was guarded by a force field. When Dirgo fired on the field, an electrical pulse discharged, causing a rock slide that seriously injured Picard. Later Dirgo, ignoring Wesley's advice, was killed by the same pulse. Wesley was able to disengage the force field and get water, saving Picard. They were rescued by the Enterprise shortly after. A year later, Wesley visited his mother on the Enterprise while on break from the Academy. Over the course of his visit, he developed an attraction to Ensign Robin Lefler. During his visit, both he and Robin discovered that the crew was acting strangely by obsessively playing a game. The game turned out to be a mind control device; it had been given to Riker on Risa in an attempt to capture the Enterprise. With the help of Lefler, Wesley and Data were able to disable the devices and restore the crew to normal. Before he left, Lefler gave Wesley a copy of "her laws" as a memento. After Wesley departed the Enterprise for Starfleet Academy in 2367 and returned the following year, Riker put Wesley back to work in helping the crew analyze the Phoenix Cluster. Wesley graduated the Academy in 2370 and instead of taking his post Academy leave he returned to the Enterprise-D. After the destruction of the Enterprise-D Wes chose to wait for the Enterprise-E like the senior staff including his mother. Like the senior staff Wes was assigned to the Enterprise-E as Lieutenant Daniels' Assistant in the security department. In 2373 Wes was part of the defense against invading Borg on the USS Enterprise-E after the Battle of Sector 001. When Daniels left the ship for paternity leave in 2374 Wes filled in as Acting Security Chief taking on the role on a permanent basis when Daniels left Starfleet to be with his wife and family.

In 2375 Wes, along with the Enterprise crew, defied Federation orders and rebelled against the plan to relocate the Ba'ku people from their homeworld in order to harvest the metaphasic radiation from their planet's ring system. While Picard and the rest of the senior staff protected the Ba'ku on the planet, Wes took the Enterprise out of the Briar Patch and alerted the Federation Council to the real issues surrounding the forced relocation. During the journey out of the Briar Patch, the Enterprise was engaged by two Son'a vessels. The ship was seriously damaged in the process and forced to eject its warp core to seal a subspace tear. Wes needed to invent a new tactic on the fly. Dubbed the "Crusher maneuver" by chief engineer Geordi La Forge, it involved collecting metreon gas with the Bussard collectors and then venting the gas while the ship continued to move. The cloud left behind the ship reacted with the isolytic weapons of the Son'a ships, destroying one and crippling the other. Wes then returned with the Enterprise in time to disable Ru'afo's flagship and beam Picard off of the Son'a collector before it exploded.

On his free time Wesley likes to play with mechanical devices. He does still have a love for engineering even though he choose security as a major. He designed the Miatsui class runabouts which were comparable to the Danube but had greater speeds. Wesley got to name the first batch naming them all after historic wrestlers from WWE, WCW and ECW. He also participates in the WWE holodeck program with Worfand Will Riker, before the later's death.

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