Doctor Volith

Name: Volith
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer USS Lexington
Age: 31

Starfleet History
2365: Enters Starfleet Medical Academy
2369: Assigned to USS Tian An Men for Residency
2373: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy
2374: Assigned to USS Lexington as Chief Medical Officer
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant

Personal History
Volith was born in 2348 in the ShiKahr District on Vulcan. Both his parents worked at the Vulcan Science Academy as instructors. Volith felt it was logical to forge his own path and elected to attend Starfleet Medical Academy to become a Doctor with the intention of returning to Vulcan . Fate had something else in store for Volith who was assigned to the USS Tian An Men to complete his residency. Like many of the crew he became friends with the First Officer Derek Rothchild. The two men were close to the point where Volith selected the Lexington, Rothchild's command, over returning to Vulcan since he had his pick of assignments.

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