Specs for Valdore Class

Commissioned : 2372-

Dimensions :
Length: 603 m
Beam: 908 m
Height: 103 m
Mass: 3,905,000 metric tons
Decks: 24
Crew: 5555
Officers: 83
Enlisted: 782
Troops: 4,700

Armament : 12 x Medium and heavy pulse disrupter cannon, total output 55,000 TeraWatts
6 x S3 photon torpedo tube

Defense Systems : Standard shield system, total capacity 3,240,000 TeraJoules
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 8 cm High density armour
High level Structural Integrity Field
New Generation of Cloaking Device
Rotating Shield Modulation

Warp Speeds (TNG scale) :
Normal Cruise: 7
Maximum Cruise: 9
Maximum Rated : 9.4 for 24 hours.

Notes: Romulan design philosophy has long relied on visually impressive starships and intimidating size as weapons in the arsenals of their fleet. Although the tradition of incorporating a "Bird of Prey" in the hull (a practice dating back to the 2150's or earlier), such markings had little effect on the enemies which the Empire faced in the late 24th century — most notably the Jem'Hadar. Although the D'deridex-class Warbird was effective in its occasional encounters with the Federation and the Klingons, it found itself at a severe disadvantage once the Romulans joined the Dominion War in 2372. Outclassed in terms of weaponry, hindered by its massive, underpowered bulk, the D'deridex proved to be too inflexible for all-out interstellar combat. The Romulan High Command realized these shortcomings almost immediately after its entrance into the war, and the construction of a new class of warbird using the most advanced technologies available to the Empire and what information was available in the database Tasha Crusher brought with her.

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