Doctor Troy Bond

Name: Troy Bond
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer USS Dauntless
Age: 44
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Starfleet History
2346: Enters Starfleet Medical Academy
2354: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy
2355: Assigned to USS Hughes as Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2360: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Norway as Chief Medical Officer
2365: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2372: Reassigned to USS Dauntless as Chief Medical Officer
2372: Promoted to Commander

Personal History
Troy was born in 2328. After completing high school in 2346 he enrolled into Starfleet Medical Academy. After completing the Medical Academy he was assigned to the Hughes as Assistant Chief Medical Officer where he served for five years before being promoted to be the Chief Medical Officer on the Norway where he met his wife Doctor Pond an archaeologist. He never called her Melody it was always River, for some reason he felt that name fit her better. After twelve years on the Norway Troy requested to be transferred to the Dauntless with his wife for a mission into the Delta Quadrant. After the ship returned from the Delta Quadrant his posting to the Dauntless was made permanent. He then took his bridge officer's test to get promoted to Commander like his wife.

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