Ensign Toq

Name: Toq
Rank: Ensign Klingon Defense Force
Position: Gamma Shift Commanding Officer IKS Gorkon

Klingon Defense Force History
2372: Ensign serving on IKS Gorkon as Gamma Shift Commanding Officer

Personal History
Toq was a male Klingon, the son of Pitzh and Q'Idar, warriors who had been captured by Romulans following the Khitomer Massacre in 2346. Born and raised at the secret Romulan prison camp on Carraya IV, Toq had little exposure to Klingon culture until Worf visited the prison camp in 2369. Inspired by Worf's teachings, Toq left the camp in order to join mainstream Klingon society. In doing so, he promised to keep the existence of the camp a secret. Toq was turned over to the care of Lorgh who went through the R'uustai ritual, bonding Toq to the House of Lorgh. Toq eventually joined the crew of the IKS Gorkon.

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