Tim Innerson

Name: Tim Innerson
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Assignment: Starbase Saloon
Position: Assistant Chief Engineer
Species: Human
Date of Birth: 2366
Place of Birth: Mars
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: L. Brown
Height: 6'0.5"
Weight: 143 Lb

Tim was raised in the Mars Colony. He grew up hearing the adventures of The USS Enterprise and it's valiant crew. He decided he wanted to be out there with them and so put all of his energy into accomplishing that goal. When he enrolled into the academy he was amazed by the all the changes and modifications which had been done to the Enterprise by Chief Engineer Scott. This influenced his direction and he decided engineering was where he wanted to be but just wandering around and doing maintenance wasn't really sounding that great so instead he decided to concentrate on Star ship Design and Warp Theory. Upon graduation from the academy he had read most of the current scientific papers on ship design and warp propulsion. He was passionate about his goal of being able to design ships and systems.

Education: Primary, Secondary, High School, Star Fleet Academy.

Reprimands: None.

Medical History:
Growing up on Mars meant venturing out onto the surface was being exposed to 0.38g and the negative physical effects that ensued. To counter this, because he did love to venture outside the dome and look up at the stars and dream he was out there, he delved heavily into weight training and physical conditioning. The results were that he is very muscular, toned, and in excellent physical condition.

Psychological Profile:
Tim loves a challenge and when he does something he wants to make sure it is perfect before it is seen. He accepts directions easily and eagerly, enjoys helping others, and spends leisure time pouring over the latest developments, theories, and discoveries on most things in the field of science, from the universe's origins to new medical discoveries.


None yet, but keep trying.


NAME: Mike

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