Lieutenant Thomas Fulton

Name: Thomas Fulton
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Officer USS Lexington
Age: 32

Starfleet History
2364: Enters Starfleet Academy
2368: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2369: Assigned to USS Bradbury as Security Officer
2372: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2374: Reassigned to USS Lexington
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant

Personal History
Thomas Fulton was born in Charlotte, NC in the year 2347. Growing up Thomas wanted to be a Captain so when he graduated high school he enrolled in Starfleet Academy majoring in security minoring in command. Thomas graduated in the top fifteen percentile of his class. He was then assigned to the Bradbury as a Security Officer serving there for five years before getting transferred to the newly launched Lexington. When Assistant Security Chief Porter Thomas thought he was going to get the Assistant Security Chief position but it was given to Lieutenant Fortune the younger brother of the Security Chief causing a big rift between the three men. He even goes as far as to ask Commander Yar to transfer to another ship but at her request remained on board to give it some time and thought. While Lieutenant M'Rajni was in heat Thomas acted out of character and picked a fight with Lieutenant Fortune.

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