Lieutenant Thirel Zh'Rhaarat

Name: Thirel Zh'Rhaarat
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Security Chief USS Voyager
Age: 25

Starfleet History
2370: Enters Starfleet Academy
2374: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2375: Assigned to USS Nelson
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2378: Reassigned to USS Voyager as Assistant Security Chief
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant

Starfleet History
Thirel was born in 2354 in the city of Lor'Tan on Andor. As a child she went to the Atlin Zoological Park as often as possible. At the age of seventeen she entered Starfleet Academy after bonding with her bond mates electing to major in security and minor in science. During the break between her junior and senior years she returned to Andor to conceive a child that she carried to term as the zhen. The child did not prevent Thirel from graduating on time. After graduation she returned to Andor for her post graduation leave spending time with her bond mates. In January 2375, Thirel was assigned to the Intrepid class USS Nelson. When the Security Chief was severely injured in the Battle of Cardassia later that year she took over the tactical and did such a good job it got her a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade where she was assigned as Gamma Shift Tactical Officer. When Voyager was relaunched in mid 2378 she was reassigned to be the ship's Assistant Security Chief. Her new boss was the polar opposite of Thirel. Thirel like most Andorians is hot headed with a temper while R'Nard due to his training at the Tralazar monastery was about as calm and level headed as it got. Despite this the two have a very strong working relationship and friendship.

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