Captain TharinJuhl Ch'Murst

Name: TharinJuhl ch'Murst
Nickname: Juhl
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer USS Odyssey
Age: 42

Starfleet History
2355: Enters Starfleet Academy
2359: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2360: Ensign assigned to USS Hood as Security Officer
2362: Promoted to Lieutenant (jg)
2364: Reassigned to USS Repulse as Assistant Security Chief
2366: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Tanzania as Security Chief
2368: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named Second Officer
2372: Promoted to Commander and named First Officer
2379: Promoted to Captain and reassigned to USS Odyssey

Personal History
Juhl entered Strafleet Academy at the age of eighteen. After graduating from the Academy in 2359 he was assigned to the USS Hood. During his tenure on the USS Hood Juhl was called home to Andor to fulfill his duties as an Andorian and start a family. Juhl is the "father" of three children. When the Assistant Security Chief position came available on the Repulse Juhl lept at the opportunity. About a year and a half arriving on the Repulse he was promoted to be the Security Chief of the Tanzania. He rose thru the ranks on the Tanzania eventually becoming First Officer in 2372. After serving as the First Officer for almost seven years the Captain's chair was pulled out for Juhl who assumed command of the USS Odyssey as part of Project Full Circle.

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