Commander Tasha Yar

Name: Tasha Yar
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Lexington
Age: 42

Starfleet History
pre 2363: Assigned to USS Victory as Assistant Security Chief
2364: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as Security Chief
2364: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to USS Victory as Second Officer
2367: Promoted to Commander and named First Officer
2374: Promoted to Commander and reassigned to USS Lexington

Personal History
From 2361 to 2363, security teams trained by Yar won all the seek-and-protect exercises in The Fleet Championships. By 2363, Yar was serving aboard the USS Victory as assistant chief of security. S he was awarded a citation for bravery following a mission to Kirishia, where she entered a Carnellian minefield in order to rescue several colonists. During the mission, Captain Jean-Luc Picard observed her bravery and vowed to have Yar aboard his next command, the USS Enterprise-D.

Yar piloted Picard to the Enterprise-D in the shuttlecraft Galileo for his first visit to the ship. She set out to Farpoint Station from Earth Station McKinley with most of the crew. En route, the Enterprise was intercepted and detained by the Q entity. Tasha wanted to fight him, but Picard refused her suggestion because of the tremendous power of the Q. While the senior staff was taken to the 21st century courtroom and put on trial by Q, Yar could no longer resist the urge to tell Q he was wrong for accusing humanity of "savage, childlike behavior." She was placed into a sort of deep freeze by Q as punishment, but was later revived. Later, Yar took part in several away teams which investigated Farpoint Station and the living station's mate, which returned to seek vengeance against the Bandi for imprisoning the other creature. Tasha was often uncomfortable in expressing her femininity, and for that reason sometimes sought the help of Deanna Troi. While under the influence of a polywater intoxication in 2364, Yar entered Troi's quarters and tried on several articles of her clothing. While the Enterprise was negotiating at the world of Ligon II for vaccine needed on Styris IV, the Ligonian leader Lutan became impressed with Tasha's martial arts skills and her physical beauty. As a show of defiance and boldness in line with the Ligon Code of Honor, he kidnapped her and brought her to his planet. Picard needed to negotiate both for her safe return and for the vaccine. However, Lutan was determined to have Yar as his First One, the ceremonial title of his wife. The current First One, Yareena, challenged Lutan's decision, requiring Yar to participate in a fight to the death with Yareena. In order to satisfy the needs of the culture and return to the Enterprise, Tasha fought and killed Yareena. Fortunately, samples of the poison used on Yar's weapon was returned to the Enterprise by Data, allowing Doctor Beverly Crusher to develop an antidote and revive Yareena once they were brought to the Enterprise. Yareena stripped Lutan of his title and offered him to Tasha, but she refused, stating that there would be "complications." When the Enterprise was transported beyond the known universe by the Traveler, to a place where matter and thought were not distinct, Yar hallucinated that she had returned to Turkana IV and was being chased by the rape gangs. Because of the matriarchal nature of the society on Angel I, Yar took informal command of the away team while Commander William T. Riker negotiated for the release of survivors from the freighter Odin. When Riker put on one of the sexualized outfits worn by men on the planet, she and Deanna had a good laugh at the first officer's expense. A posting for Second Officer came open on the Victory later that year and Tasha left the ship while Chief Engineer Lynch was realigning the dilithium crystals. After the First Officer was killed in the Battle of Wolf 359 Tasha was promoted to be the Victory First Officer in early 2367 overseeing the refit. She served on the Victory until it was severely damaged again this time in the Dominion War suffering heavy casualties. Instead of waiting for Victory to be refit again she transferred to the newly launched Sovereign class USS Lexington.

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