Lieutenant Commander T'Mirith

Name: T'Mirith
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Science Officer/Second Officer USS Voyager(slides)
Age: 27

Starfleet History
2368: Enters Starfleet Academy
2371: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2371: Assigned to USS Gorkon as Science Officer
2373: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2374: Reassigned to USS Norway as Assistant Chief Officer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant
2376: Transfers to USS Voyager(slides) as Chief Science Officer
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2379: Named Second Officer

Personal History
T'Mirith was born in 2352 in the city of ShiKarh on the planet Vulcan. Growing up she was already a child prodigy even by Vulcan standards. It was shortly before her sixteenth birthday she left Vulcan to attend Starfleet Academy on Earth majoring in general sciences. She elected to skip the post graduation leave and was immediately assigned to the Gorkon. It was only a year and a half before she was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade starting a rapid rise through the rank. In 2376 she was assigned to the alternate Voyager as the Chief Science Officer. After her ascension to the Second Officer position she started to come into conflict with the ship's First Officer Tuvok feeling that his loyalty to Captain Janeway has compromised his logic and impacted his sanity. Things came to a head when T'Mirith snitched getting Janeway and Tuvok relieved of duty.

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