Lieutenant Danny Byrd

Name: Danny Byrd
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Position: Chief Operations Officer USS Voyager (slides)

Starfleet History
2366: Enters Starfleet Academy
2370: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2371: Assigned to USS Voyager as Chief Operations Officer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade

Personal History
As a child, Byrd attended grammar school with B'Elanna Torres, often terrorizing Torres. He used to point at her cranial ridges and tease her about being half-Klingon, calling her "Miss Turtlehead". This would anger Torres until one day during recess she attacked Byrd while he was on the gyro-swing. Torres disengaged the centrifugal governor, which caused Byrd to spin so fast that he almost flew apart. Torres then yanked Byrd off the swing and started hitting his face until their teacher, Miss Malvin, showed up to stop her. Byrd later attended Starfleet Academy and became a classmate and close friend of Harry Kim. They both graduated from the Academy on stardate 47918, and were both considered for the role of operations officer aboard the USS Voyager by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Despite being equally qualified, Janeway decided to accept Harry Kim.

In 2371, Byrd was assigned as operations officer aboard Voyager. He was very nervous about his first assignment, to the extent that he did not know how to address Captain Kathryn Janeway. During Voyager's maiden voyage, the ship was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker's array, along with a Maquis ship. After both crews were subjected to various medical tests, they were returned to their respective ships. However, Danny Byrd and B'Elanna Torres, a Maquis, were not. They were transferred to an underground Ocampan medical facility by the Caretaker. The two would fight constantly like they did as kids but found a way to work together and persuaded an Ocampan nurse to show them a route that could lead to the surface. They were eventually rescued by Voyager. Danny later discovered a micro-wormhole in the Delta Quadrant that led to the Alpha Quadrant, but twenty years in the past. Tom Riker proposed petitioning the Federation Astronomical Committee to officially designate the wormhole Danny discovered as the "Danny Byrd wormhole." On an away mission to an asteroid, Danny found an alien burial ground. When the team was beamed up, Danny was switched with one of the bodies in the burial capsules, and a dead alien was beamed aboard Voyager. The real Danny Byrd found himself on the Vhnori homeworld. The Vhnori believed he was from the afterlife. When he told them he was from a place where there were just dead bodies, he shook their belief in the afterlife. He persuaded Hatil Garan, a Vhnori, who was going to submit to euthanasia to ease his family's burden in caring for him, to change his mind about dying. He took Garan's place and was returned to the asteroid, and rescued by Voyager. When Voyager visited the Sikarians, Danny met a woman named Eudana, who was using an instrument which Danny mistook for being musical in nature, but when she said it measured weather patterns, he correctly deduced that nonlinear resonances in the atmosphere allowed the device to function. She then asked if he was a scientist, to which he responded that was sort of right. She wanted to be alone with him and took him to a planet thousands of light years away. Her people could fold space and travel great distances in a short time. This technology could have reduced the length of Voyager's return home. The Sikarians, however, would not give up the technology due to their laws.

At one point, Danny entered an artificial reality stasis created by Viorsa's species. They had created it to survive a natural disaster. When he entered, in his subconscious state he was confronted by The Clown. The Clown was fear personified, and survived by being linked to humanoid sensory functions. He had already killed some members of Viorsa's species in stasis by literally frightening them to death. Kim could not wake up and became a prisoner of the entity. He was rescued by Janeway when she tricked The Clown into releasing the prisoners in exchange for her. She substituted her hologram for herself. In 1996, when Voyager was in orbit of Earth after entering a temporal distortion from 2373, Captain Janeway left Kim in command of the ship while she led an away team to Los Angeles to locate Braxton. Danny later took Voyager down into Earth's atmosphere to beam Janeway and Ton Riker from Chronowerx Industries and from Henry Starling and Dunbar, as the long range transporters were offline. Janeway later told Danny that he didn't do too badly for his first time in the command chair.

Late in 2373 Voyager attempted to create an artificial wormhole at Danny's suggestion. The attempt was partially successful as it got Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant but the wrong quantum reality. Danny continued to serve on Voyager getting promoted to Lieutenant junior grade in 2375.

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