Nurse Storey Daniels-Stonn

Name: Storey Daniels-Stonn
Rank: Ensign
Position: Nurse USS Quirinal
Age: 25

Starfleet History
2373: Enters Starfleet Academy
2377: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2378: Assigned to USS Lincoln as Nurse
2379: Reassigned to USS Quirinal

Personal History
Storey Daniels was born in the year 2354 her father a nurse and her mother an archaeologist. Due to her mother's career Storey moved around a lot until her mother's death when she was 6. After her mother's death Storey and her father settled on Alpha III aka Terra Four. Her father slipped into depression and turned to the bottle for comfort. Seeking the emotional support one should get from their father Storey was promiscuous during high school. Despite her promiscuity she excelled in school and left for Starfleet Academy electing to become a nurse since those were the best memories she had of her father. The promiscuity did not stop at the Academy tho by this point Storey was only sleeping with Vulcans. During her sophomore year she met a Vulcan named Stonn that she started to date. It was not long before she started to run around on him falling back on her old habits. Oblivious to the cheating Storey was doin Stonn made her his mate in July of 2377 a few weeks after her graduation from the Academy. She was then assigned to the USS Lincoln where her promiscuity continued and she slept with every Vulcan on the crew including the First Officer. Captain Jones of the Lincoln then arranged for Storey to be transferred to the Quirinal with her husband in hopes that would stop the running around.

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