Starfleet Omega Directives

The Omega Directive is initiated when a Starfleet vessel sensors detect the the presence of the infamous Omega particle. Omega particles are presumed to be artificially generated by aliens and is a very unstable particle that can serve as a virtually inexhaustible power source. The only drawback is that it reacts violently with subspace, making warp travel in the affected area impossible. Thus, after failed Federation experiments, it is ordered that it be destroyed by any Starfleet vessel that encounters it, even to the expense of abandoning the prime directive. It is thought that they were once naturally occurring, and may have supplied the energy to initiate the Big Bang. It is also known by the Borg as "Particle 256" and is almost worshiped by them as a symbol of perfection. First Contact Procedure..Sometimes during the course of a ships journeys, First Contact will be made. Where and when your ship should encounters a new species for the first time, first contact procedures should be observed.

First contact procedures are as follows:
1- If the other culture initiates FC: The CO, XO, Diplomatic Officer (if available), Security, Counselor and Chief Medical Officer should greet the representative in full dress uniform and an official greeting on behalf of the Federation should be offered. The DO (if available) and counselor will advise the CO after observing the behavioral patterns of the species. Afterward a full report must be submitted by the DO or Counselor, and CO.

2- If hostile contact: If a new culture is met, and attacks on sight, the DO (if available) and counselor should be on the bridge to help the CO interpret the actions of the species, if that is possible. This should be used rarely, and only when the CO states that the procedures are being followed.

3- If the UFP initiates FC: This method is only used after a covert investigation of the planet and it's inhabitants is made. A small team usually consisting of the CO, XO, DO, Counselor, and Chief of Security will initiate contact with a selected member of the culture. The reactions of the cultural representative MUST be noted and all care must be used to prevent disruption in the general population. For contact to proceed the team must arrange to meet the top government officials for the planet, and inform them of their options, to either remain "off limits" to off-worlders, accept limited contact or finally to join the galactic community. It is the primary role of the Diplomatic Officer to make a full report about all First Contact Procedures, but if a DO is not available it falls to the Counselor together with the XO and the CMO to complete the report. The report should describe: The behavior patterns of the species, the appearance of the species and all special abilities they species might have (Telepathy etc.) The report must be sent to the CO who will submit it to Starfleet Command. Command Department. The Command staff on a Starfleet vessel are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire ship and hold positions of responsibility and authority over the other officers and make sure that Federation policy and Ideals are upheld at all times. Generally everything of importance that is done aboard a starship has to be reported to Command personnel.The Command structure on a vessel ensures that only important matters are discussed with the Commanding Officer. In the so-called Chain of Command every officer has a superior to whom he reports to and whose orders he has to carry out. Even a Commanding Officer has to report to the Admirals from Starfleet Command and obey their orders.

Commanding Officer (CO)
The Commanding Officer has the ultimate responsibility for the safety and well being of his ship. He or she has to report to Starfleet
Command and carry out their orders. He has to ensure that the ship's current mission is being satisfactorily executed and that
Starfleet's General Orders are maintained on the ship. Captains are responsible for all the actions of his ship and crew. NOTHING the Starship does should be without the captain's orders or approval. So in reality, the entire ship's complement is considered the Captain's staff. Since he cannot listen to all persons simultaneously, he has only receives reports from the First Officer and the Chiefs of the other Departments (the Department Heads). The CO has no set duty shift and is always considered to be on call. On larger starships the CO usually has his own office, and this office is sometimes very close to the bridge, offering quick and easy access in emergency situations (his Ready Room).In tense situations the CO uses the ship's bridge officers to gather data and perform functions. The officers inform him about the events and he makes the decisions. Then the officers execute his orders. The CO is also responsible for meting out punishment for crew members found guilty of breaking major regulations. He is also traditionally the member of the crew who performs such duties as marrying crew members under his command and serving as the host at all official functions held aboard his ship. The First Officer can relief the Captain out of duty if he thinks the Captain put the ship or it's crew in danger or if the Captain broke one of the regulations of the high command. Other officers that may relief the Captain from duty is: the Chief Medical officer and the Chief Counselor. If one of them thinks the Captain is physically or mentally unfit and can't perform his duty properly.

First Officer (FO)
The First Officer is the second-in-command of the ship and is also always on call. If something were to happen to the Commanding Officer, the First Officer would take command. His main responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the ship and her crew. In this regard, he is usually authorized (unless specifically limited by the CO in any respect) to make decisions without the CO's prior approval. He is considered, for all practical purposes, a "captain in training" The FO must be a jack-of-all-trades, able to answer almost any question or offer a solution to any problem. The Captain cannot listen to everybody for little problems, so it is Standard Starfleet Procedure to contact the FO. He acts as a 'bridge' between the CO and the crew; all department heads report directly to him and he only passes things to the Captain if he can't handle them alone.The FO also has to make sure all stations are operating at peak efficiency. He oversees transfers on and off the ship, by welcoming new crew members and providing them with all the information and assistance needed. He is also responsible for maintaining discipline and determining punishment for members of the crew found guilty of breaking minor regulations. First Officers may also settle internal disputes amongst crew members.The CO normally stays on the ship during away missions. So especially on the potentially hazardous missions the FO is usually the leader of the away team. He may choose members of those teams as long as his choices are not detrimental to the mission or the safety of the ship. On larger starships, the FO usually has his own office. On small ships, he may be required to share his office with the CO or the Second Officer, or use a conference/meeting room for this purpose.

Executive Officer (XO)
The Executive officer is the counterpart of a vessel's First Officer. The Executive officer usually works during the off hours of the senior staff, although they are always on call. The XO has the same duties and responsibilities as the FO. Ships/Stations are not required to have an Executive Officer.

Second Officer (2nd O)
This somewhat unique position is usually found only on larger starships and not on the smaller ones. The Second Officer takes command in the event that both the CO and FO are away from the ship or are unable to perform their duties. The second officer is not a stand-alone position, but a role given to the highest ranked and trusted officer aboard. It is always a chief of one of the departments. The 2O usually does not have an office of his own, and any staffs he/she may have is generally determined by his normal duties.

Captain's Yeoman (NPC)
The Captain's Yeoman is the Captain's secretary. He helps the Captain with any administrative details and any other day-to-day duties that the CO would otherwise not have the time to do. The Yeoman may also assist the FO, XO, and 2O if necessary.

Morale Officer (MO)
Responsible for keeping the morale of the crew. Delivers regular reports on morale to the FO. The Morale Officer plans activities that will keep the crew's morale and demeanor up. This officer generally holds also another staff position, but he is not to be department head.

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