Commander Sonya Gomez

Name: Sonya Gomez
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer/SCE Team Leader USS da Vinci (NCC-81623-A)
Age: 37

Strafleet History
2361: Enters Starfleet Academy
2365: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2365: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as Engineer
2368: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Oberth
2369: Reassigned to USS Sentinel as Chief Engineer
pre 2375: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2376: Promoted to Commander and assigned to USS da Vinci (NCC-81623) as First Officer
2380: Reassigned to USS da Vinci (NCC-81623-A)

Personal History
Sonya Guadalupe Gomez, born circa 2343 to José Esteban and Guadalupe Gomez. Gomez was the younger sister of Belinda Gomez. As a small child, she could not pronounce her sister's name, instead calling her "Bee". In turn, Belinda called Sonya "Ess," and these nicknames stuck into their adulthood. Sonya was a focused and strongly determined child, as illustrated in an incident when she was about ten: Sonya said she would help her mother build a sculpting studio in the attic of their Vieques, Puerto Rico home, and every day after school she would go straight to it. This was in contrast to Belinda's more relaxed approach to life, which led to their mother's frequent use of the phrase, "Why can't you be more like Sonya?" When Sonya was five, she and Belinda were in a rowboat off of Sun Bay Beach. In a fit of anger, Belinda pushed Sonya out of the boat into the water, even though the younger girl did not know how to swim. Belinda eventually dived in and helped her back out of the water, and Sonya, unaware at the time that she had been pushed, believed her sister had saved her after she had accidentally fallen overboard. Belinda's subsequent treatment as a hero caused Sonya to resent her, and the frequent question, "Why can't you be more like your sister?" Years later, Belinda would admit admiration for Sonya's quick and capable decision-making abilities, and for her tendency to stick to what she decided on.

As an early teenager, she said "I'm going to join Starfleet!" and once she made up her mind she signed up and studied for every placement exam until she was in. In her third year, her 4th year friend Lian T'su was approved and sent to the USS Enterprise-D. Sonya immediately announced to everyone that she would make the posting to the Enterprise. While at the Academy, one of her instructors was Xin Ra-Havreii. She graduated Starfleet Academy in 2365, and her first assignment was indeed aboard the Enterprise. She started out on the night shift, but quickly came to the attention of Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge and was promoted to alpha shift. Brandishing a cup of hot chocolate, Gomez babbled on and on about her assignment, as it had been her goal to serve on the Enterprise-D for years, with her second choice being Ranuos VI. La Forge expressed appreciation for her excitement, and mentioned that she could be of better service if she learned to relax a little. She apologized when he noted that she had brought the beverage into engineering where it might spill on the equipment and damage it, saying that she had forgotten she was holding it. In her eagerness to get rid of it, she accidentally spilled it on Captain Picard instead. Embarrassed, she offered to clean him up, but he told her it would be easier for him to change his uniform instead. Later, La Forge took her to Ten Forward to unwind. There, she explained that she had wanted to be among the first to see the new discoveries out in space. La Forge then cautioned her to slow down, saying she "won't last long banging into walls". He also promised to let her know about any exciting things which came their way. While trying to reactivate the Enterprise-D's shields, Gomez was having trouble concentrating on her work, thinking of the eighteen crew members who had died due to a Borg attack. La Forge helped her to focus on what needed to be done, assuring her she could grieve later. Later that year, she and La Forge reassured Wesley Crusher as the would-be Starfleet Academy cadet left to take his exams. When Crusher clarified that he was worried about having nothing to discuss with Captain Picard during the 6 hour shuttle flight to Starbase 515, she suggested archaeology, semantics, literature, or art as possible topics of conversation, adding that Wesley could learn a lot from the captain. She later assisted in the rescue of La Forge from his captors aboard the Pakled transport Mondor. Gomez struck up friendships with several fellow officers, in particular Kieran Duffy and Wesley Crusher. After an attack on engineering by Roga Danar, Gomez realized that she had strong feelings for Duffy, and invited him on a date to the arboretum.

The two continued a romantic relationship for over a year. In 2368 after a quantum filament disabled the Enterprise, Gomez was promoted to full lieutenant and assigned to the USS Oberth. At that time, she broke off the relationship. By 2375, Lieutenant Commander Gomez was chief engineer of the USS Sentinel. Hers was the only ship to survive a mission to sabotage a Dominion outpost during the Dominion War, and she saved her crew by altering the warp fields to appear as a Cardassian freighter.

In 2376 (stardate 53122.9), Gomez, now a commander, was assigned as first officer and to lead the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team aboard the USS da Vinci, where she was reunited with Kieran Duffy. They renewed their romantic relationship, and Duffy shortly after proposed marriage. Gomez hesitated in giving her answer, and before she could, Duffy was killed while trying to rescue the ship from the atmosphere of a gas giant. Duffy's death was devastating for Gomez, and she suffered several months of emotional turmoil. In December of 2376, she apparently went insane and took over Recreational Station Hidalgo. In reality, she was held captive there while a complex artificial intelligence program stole her identity. However, Gomez's work ethic was never in question. She has proven to be an excellent leader of the SCE team on the da Vinci, earning the trust of Captain David Gold, even with some rough patches relating to Duffy's death, for which Gomez initially blamed Gold, and to an awkward command situation Gomez was forced into by Ambassador Gabriel Marshall at Rhaax.

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