USS Voyager


Commanding Officer Captain Kathryn Janeway CimlEL.png
First Officer Commander Tom Riker 6Uev8p.png
Second Officer/Security Chief Lieutenant Tuvok LJvpJY.png
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Neelix xCbdqe.png
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Amelia Earhart xCbdqe.png
Helm Officer Ensign Pablo Baytart ivZtEc.png
Helm Officer Ensign Larry Grimes ivZtEc.png
Helm Officer Ensign Renlay Sharr ivZtEc.png
Helm Officer Ensign Lilly Jenkins ivZtEc.png
Helm Officer Ensign Linus Fitzpatrick ivZtEc.png
Helm Officer Crewman Steve Hamilton NQOnws.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Kar MQwTV8.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Ahni Jetal ivZtEc.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Doug Boronowski ivZtEc.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Michael Parsons ivZtEc.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Sally Brooks ivZtEc.png
Shuttle Pilot Crewman Mariah Henley VvdUYh.png
Chief Operations Officer Ensign Danny Byrd YfGXh5.png
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Kristine Fernandez LJvpJY.png
Operations Officer Ensign Mully Culhane YfGXh5.png
Operations Officer Ensign Cindy Dorado YfGXh5.png
Operations Officer Ensign Tabor Lan 2uQTpw.png
Operations Officer Ensign Steven Mannus YfGXh5.png
Operations Officer Ensign William Carlson 2uQTpw.png
Security Chief Lieutenant Tuvok LJvpJY.png
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Ro Laren r9YNHa.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Walter Baxter LJvpJY.png
Security Officer Lieutenant George Andrews LJvpJY.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jerry Rollins FtNjYn.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Juan Ayala Rw4Xya.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jeffrey Hargrove FtNjYn.png
Security Officer Ensign Jessica Harper YfGXh5.png
Security Officer Ensign Jennifer Lang YfGXh5.png
Security Officer Ensign Marie Kaplan YfGXh5.png
Security Officer Ensign Kashimuro Nozawa YfGXh5.png
Security Officer Ensign Jonathan Murphy YfGXh5.png
Security Officer Petty Officer Timothy Lang JMGcJR.png
Security Officer Crewman Dawn Foster gK8HYG.png
Security Officer Crewman Kenny Rogers pkyDOX.png
Security Officer Crewman Allen Jones pkyDOX.png
Security Officer Crewman Jerry Lewis pkyDOX.png
Security Officer Crewman Stephanie Jarvis gK8HYG.png
Security Officer Crewman Marty Larson gK8HYG.png
Security Officer Crewman Lydia Anderson gK8HYG.png
Security Officer Crewman David Thompson gK8HYG.png
Security Officer Crewman Neil O'Donnell pkyDOX.png
Security Officer Crewman Daniel Jackson pkyDOX.png
Chief Engineer Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres Rw4Xya.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Joe Carrey LJvpJY.png
Engineer Lieutenant Susan Nicoletti FtNjYn.png
Engineer Ensign Lyndsay Ballard YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Vorik YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign William McKenzie YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Golwat YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Cyrus Strickler YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Jilson Mulcahey YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Ike Ashmore YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Danielle Swinn YfGXh5.png
Engineer Ensign Derek Hogan YfGXh5.png
Engineer Crewman Chell pkyDOX.png
Engineer Crewman Ricky Jarvin pkyDOX.png
Engineer Crewman Michael Boylan gK8HYG.png
Engineer Crewman Kevin Mendez gK8HYG.png
Engineer Crewman Kenneth Dalby pkyDOX.png
Engineer Crewman Michael Henard gK8HYG.png
Engineer Crewman John Dell gK8HYG.png
Engineer Crewman Alexandra Jor pkyDOX.png
Structural Engineer Lieutenant William Chapman LJvpJY.png
Plasma Relay Room Crewman Mortimer Harren gK8HYG.png
Systems Engineer Ensign Freddy Bristow YfGXh5.png
Computer Specialist Crewman Jose Gennaro gK8HYG.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Donald Yosa pkyDOX.png
Transporter Operator Ensign Troy Martin YfGXh5.png
Transporter Operator Ensign Batilda Gallagher YfGXh5.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Davida Gibson gK8HYG.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Shmullus ULB224.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Danara Pel 34hCxV.png
Medical Assistant/Botanist Crewman Kes UWNvNO.png
Science Officer Ensign Samantha Wildman NnHaVL.png
Science Officer Ensign Thomas Murphy NnHaVL.png
Science Officer Crewman Jerry Doyle 0vtRNc.png
Science Officer Crewman Gerron Ral 0vtRNc.png
Science Officer Crewman David Biddle 4uAnKC.png
Planet Sciences Lieutenant Alan Sims RVpkId.png
Grade Three Sensor Analyist Ensign Tal Celes NnHaVL.png
Sensor Anaylist Crewman William Telfer 4uAnKC.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Megan Delaney NnHaVL.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Jenny Delaney NnHaVL.png
Astrophysicist Ensign Marlena Hickman NnHaVL.png
Biologist Ensign Laura Jurot NnHaVL.png
Botanist/Medical Assistant Crewman Kes UWNvNO.png
Airoponics Technician Lieutenant John Arkinson 3jQqsM.png
Exobiologist Ensign Thomas Farley NnHaVL.png
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