Ships of the Fleet

Starfleet Starships

Ambassador class
USS Enterprise-C NCC-1701-C Specs Captain Rachel Garrett w-o6.png Rotations
Constitution class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Specs Captain Spock y-o6.png Rotations
Crossfield class
USS Discovery NCC-1031 Specs Captain Rodney Alverson r-o6.png Rotations
Defiant class
USS Defiant NX-74205 Specs Commander Elias Vaughn r-o5.png Rotations
Galaxy class
USS Enterprise-D NCC-1701-D Specs Captain Jean-Luc Picard r-o6.png Rotations
Galen class
USS Galen NX-86350 Specs Commander Clarissa Glenn t-o5.png Rotations
NX class
Enterprise NX-01 Specs Captain Jonathan Archer y-o6.png Rotations
Intrepid class
USS Voyager NCC-74656 Specs Captain Jordan Walker r-o6.png Rotations
Luna class
USS Titan NCC-80102 Specs Captain William Riker r-o6.png Rotations
Merian class
USS Curie NCC-81890 Specs Captain Jack Crusher r-o6.png Rotations
USS Hawking NCC-81897 Specs Captain Derek Calabrese r-o6.png Rotations
USS Planck NCC-81894 Specs Captain Gilaad Ben Zoma r-o6.png Rotations
Mulciber class
USS Achilles NCC-77024 Specs Commander Ro Laren r-o5.png Rotations
Odyssey class
USS Odyssey NCC-71832-A Specs Captain TharinJuhl ch'Murst r-o6.png Rotations
Prometheus class
USS da Vinci-A NCC-81623-A Specs Captain Data r-o6.png Rotations
Sovereign class
USS Enterprise-E NCC-1701-E Specs Captain James T Kirk y-o6.png Rotations
Theophrastus class
USS Demeter NCC-79914 Specs Commander Liam O'Donnell r-o5.png Rotations
Vesta class
USS Esquiline NCC-82614 Specs Captain Manolet Dayrit r-o6.png Rotations
USS Quirinal NCC-82610 Specs Captain Regina Farkas r-o6.png Rotations

Starfleet Runabouts

NAME Registry Specs Ship Assigned to
Danube class
USS Brahmaputra NCC-77450 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Dordogne NCC-73250 Specs USS Enterprise-E
USS Glyrhond NCC-77543 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Holana NCC-77489 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS John Kelly NCC-75002 Specs USS Voyager
USS Kincsem NCC-74810 Specs USS Enterprise
USS Nile NCC-72413 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Roanoke NCC-74215 Specs USS Enterprise-E
USS Rubicon NCC-72936 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Tecyr NCC-77601 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Tiber NCC-77560 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Yolja NCC-75353 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
Miatsui class
USS AG Robinson NCC-78035 Specs USS Esquiline
USS AJ Styles NCC-78019 Specs USS Titan
USS Alberto Del Rio NCC-78009 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Andre' the Giant NCC-78022 Specs USS Curie
USS Bret Hart NCC-78004 Specs USS Voyager
USS Bryan Danielson NCC-78020 Specs USS Titan
USS Bruno Sammartino NCC-78016 Specs USS Hawking
USS Buzz Aldrin NCC-78027* **Specs USS Quirinal
USS Charles Godfather Wright NCC-78015 Specs USS Enterprise-E
USS Donald Varley NCC-78049 Specs USS Enterprise-D
USS Dusty Rhodes NCC-78024 Specs USS Achilles
USS Erika Hernandez NCC-78033 Specs USS Esquiline
USS Goldberg NCC-78013 Specs USS Odyssey
USS Harley Race NCC-78018 Specs USS Titan
USS Henry Archer NCC-78036 Specs USS Esquiline
USS Hikaru Sulu NCC-78034 Specs USS Esquiline
USS Hulk Hogan NCC-78010 Specs USS Enterprise
USS James T Kirk NCC-78032 Specs USS Esquiline
USS Jim Ross NCC-78025 Specs USS Galen
USS Kurt Angle NCC-78021 Specs USS Curie
USS Lou Thesz NCC-78023 Specs USS Demeter
USS Mae Jamison NCC-78030 Specs USS Quirinal
USS Montgomery Scott NCC-78037 Specs USS da Vinci
USS Neil Armstrong NCC-78026 Specs USS Quirinal
USS Nigel Holmes NCC-78052 Specs USS Enterprise-C
USS Owen Hart NCC-78001 Specs USS Hawking
USS Randy Orton NCC-78008 Specs Deep Space Nine(II)
USS Ric Flair NCC-78011 Specs USS Odyssey
USS Richard Galen NCC-78048 Specs USS Enterprise-D
USS Rock NCC-78017 Specs USS Titan
USS Sally Ride NCC-78029 Specs USS Quirinal
USS Shane Douglas NCC-78005 Specs USS Planck
USS Shawn Michaels NCC-78002 Specs USS Enterprise-E
USS Siranna NCC-78051 Specs USS Discovery
USS Steve Austin NCC-78014 Specs USS Odyssey
USS Sting NCC-78006 Specs USS Planck
USS Triple H NCC-78003 Specs USS Enterprise-E
USS Undertaker NCC-78007 Specs Deep Space Nine (II)
USS Valentina Tereshkova NCC-78028 Specs USS Quirinal
USS Vincent K McMahon NCC-78012 Specs USS Odyssey
USS Walker Keel NCC-78050 Specs USS Enterprise-D

Starfleet Shuttlecraft

NAME Number Specs Ship Assigned to
Aeroshuttle AS-503 Specs USS Voyager
Aqua-shuttle NCC-1701\5a Specs USS Enterprise
Argo Class
Argo unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Type 0
Shuttlepod 1 Pod 1 Specs Enterprise
Shuttlepod 2 Pod 2 Specs Enterprise
Class C
Disco1 DSC01 Specs USS Discovery
Disco5 DSC05 Specs USS Discovery
Disco6 DSC06 Specs USS Discovery
Class F
Columbus NCC-1701/2 Specs USS Enterprise
Copernicus NCC-1701/12 Specs USS Enterprise
Einstein NCC-1701/6 Specs USS Enterprise
Galileo II NCC-1701/7 Specs USS Enterprise
Type 6
Berman unknown Specs USS Enterprise-D
Curie Shuttlecraft 03 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Fermi Shuttlecraft 16 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Galileo Shuttlecraft 07 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Magellan Shuttlecraft 15 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Piller unknown Specs USS Enterprise-D
71325 unknown Specs USS Voyager
Sacajawea Shuttlecraft 05 Specs USS Voyager
Type 7
Ansel Adams Shuttlecraft 06 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Clarke Shuttlecraft 05 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Copernicus Shuttlecraft 03 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Cousteau Shuttlecraft 10 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Decartes Shuttlecraft 11 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Einstein Shuttlecraft 02 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Feynman Shuttlecraft 05 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Hawking unknown Specs USS Enterprise-D
Indiana Jones Shuttlecraft 08 Specs USS Enterprise-D
JF Kennedy Shuttlecraft 15 Specs USS Enterprise-D
McAuliffe Shuttlecraft 21 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Sakharov Shuttlecraft 01 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Tereshkova Shuttlecraft 20 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Von Braun Shuttlecraft 04 Specs USS Enterprise-D
unknown Shuttlecraft 13 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Type 8
Drake unknown Specs USS Voyager
Tereshkova Shuttlecraft 01 Specs USS Voyager
Type 9
Cochrane Shuttlecraft 4 Specs USS Voyager
Cook (I) unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Type 10 Shuttle
Anaximenes unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Tyson #01 Specs USS Defiant
Type 11 Shuttle
Archimedes unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Armstrong unknown Specs USS Titan
Beiderbecke unknown Specs USS Titan
Chawla unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Cook (II) unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Ellington (II) unknown Specs USS Titan
Galileo unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Garrett unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Gillespie unknown Specs USS Titan
Handy unknown Specs USS Titan
Holiday unknown Specs USS Titan
Iacovino unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Mance unknown Specs USS Enterprise-E
Roddenberry Shuttlecraft 8 Specs USS Odyssey
Marsalis unknown Specs USS Titan
Type 15 Shuttle
Chris Pike Shuttlepod 02 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Cochrane Shuttlepod 14 Specs USS Enterprise-D
El-Baz Shuttlepod 05 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Heinlein Shuttlepod 08 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Ley Shuttlepod 09 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Lindberg Shuttlepod 09 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Onizuka Shuttlepod 07 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Pike Shuttlepod 12 Specs USS Enterprise-D
PT Farnsworth Shuttlepod 10 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Sam Freddle Shuttlepod 12 Specs USS Enterprise-D
unknown Shuttlepod 01 Specs USS Enterprise-D
Voltaire Shuttlepod 03 Specs USS Enterprise-D

Starfleet Support Craft

NAME SPECS Ship Assigned to
Captain's Yacht
Cousteau (II) Specs USS Enterprise-E
Captain's Skiff
LaRocca Specs USS Titan
Flyer Class
Delta Flyer II Specs USS Voyager
Horne Specs USS Titan
Kumari Specs USS Odyssey
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