Seven Of Nine

Name: Seven of Nine
Position: Astrometrics Officer USS Voyager
Age: 31

Starfleet History
2374: Serves on Voyager in Astrometrics as Civilian
2377: Member of Federation Think Tank
2380: Resumes duties on Voyager in Astrometrics as Civilian

Personal History
Annika was born on the Federation Tendara colony on Stardate 25479. Her favorite color growing up was red. As a young child, Annika often stayed with her aunt, Irene Hansen. Her favorite treats were strawberry tarts, which Irene once used to coax Annika out of a guest room in which she had locked herself. She was very strong-willed and did not hesitate to point out if the strawberries used in baking the tarts were not perfectly ripe. She wanted to become a ballerina in her childhood. Annika's parents, Magnus and Erin Hansen, were exobiologists investigating the existence of the Borg. After a great deal of persuasion, the Federation granted the Hansens the use of the USS Raven, a small long-range craft, to aid them in their investigation. In 2353, they took Annika, then aged four, along with them. They spent a good deal of time aboard the Raven in search of the Borg; Annika celebrated three birthdays aboard the ship. Eventually, the Hansens encountered a Borg cube and followed it through its transwarp conduit into the Delta Quadrant, the Borg's region of origin. They gathered a great deal of scientific data on the biology of Borg drones and the nature of the Collective by moving undetected through Borg space due to multi-adaptive shielding, invented by Magnus Hansen. They even went aboard Borg vessels, using bio-dampeners to remain undetected. However, their research came to an abrupt end in 2356 when an ion storm struck the Raven. The ship sustained damage, including, most importantly, damage to the multi-adaptive shielding, which went off-line for 13.2 seconds. This left them exposed long enough for the Borg to detect them and perceive them as a target for assimilation. The Hansens tried to evade pursuit by masking the Raven's warp trail, but the Borg still managed to pursue and find them. They and their daughter were promptly captured and assimilated. Naturally, the experience was severely traumatic to Annika. Annika was placed in a maturation chamber, where the hive mind began to restructure her synaptic pathways and purge her individuality. She emerged as a Borg drone five years later in 2361, the turmoil of having been forcibly assimilated replaced with order, and spent the next thirteen years in the Collective with the designation Seven of Nine. As a drone, she assisted in the assimilation of millions, from individuals to entire species. She personally assimilated many individuals from a variety of species, including Humans, Klingons, Ferengi, Bajorans, Bolians, Krenim, and Cardassians. In early 2368, Seven of Nine, along with three other drones in her unimatrix, crash landed on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. The other drones, who were assimilated as adults, began to regain their identities upon being severed from the Borg Collective, but Seven was frightened as she knew nothing else but life as a drone. She forcibly linked the other drones together into a temporary collective in order to suppress their identities, and they were retrieved soon after. Seven of Nine remained a Borg drone until 2374, when she was liberated.

During the brief war between the Borg and Species 8472 in late 2373, the USS Voyager was caught between the two belligerents. Seeking to protect her crew, and being made aware of the extreme threat to the galaxy posed by Species 8472, Captain Kathryn Janeway forged an alliance with the Borg, offering them the technology behind modified Borg nanoprobes which could be used as biological photon torpedo warheads against their common enemy, in exchange for safe passage through Borg space and non-assimilation. The Collective assigned Seven of Nine to work with Voyager to develop the weapon. When her cube sacrificed itself to save Voyager from an attacking 8472 bio-ship, she and a small number of drones beamed onto Voyager to continue the work. Janeway was severely injured, leaving her first officer, Commander Chakotay, in command. Seven of Nine wanted Voyager to go to another cube, but Chakotay refused. The drones attempted to commandeer Voyager's navigation systems to take it to the nearest cube, but Chakotay decompressed the deck the drones were on, blowing them into space. Seven of Nine, however, managed to remain aboard. Instructed to do so by the Collective, she took Voyager into Species 8472's realm, forcing deployment of the modified nanoprobe torpedoes to protect the ship. A recovered Janeway resumed command and reinstated the alliance. The torpedoes proved effective. Now vulnerable, 8472 retreated. However, the Collective broke the alliance and Seven of Nine attempted to take Voyager to be assimilated. But this was anticipated and a contingency plan was successfully enacted which permanently severed her link to the Collective. Janeway decided to keep Seven of Nine aboard. The transition back to Humanity was difficult for Seven of Nine. She appeared to accept her severance from the Collective, but tried to contact it at the first opportunity. She was stopped, however. The Doctor, Voyager's holographic chief medical officer, was able to remove most of her implants and restore most of her Human appearance, but her long-term assimilation meant that some parts were vital to her survival and could not be removed. She also refused to be called by her name of Annika Hansen as Seven of Nine was the designation she had always known. But she accepted a shortened version, "Seven" at the suggestion of Captain Janeway.

During her first few months on Voyager, Seven attempted to help the engineering crew modify the warp drive to generate transwarp conduits. The efforts failed, and almost cost Voyager its warp core in the process. Shortly after Seven was freed from the collective, Voyager neared a moon in B'omar space, the location of the crashed wreck of the Raven, which had been partially assimilated by the Borg when they caught it. A Borg homing beacon aboard was still active. Seven began experiencing visions of a raven and flashbacks to the time she was assimilated. The beacon reactivated several of Seven's nanoprobes, giving her an irresistible drive to find the source of the beacon. She escaped Voyager in a shuttlecraft and flew to the moon, discovered the ship and recovered the entire memory of her assimilation. Along with Ensign Harry Kim, Seven of Nine designed and constructed the ship's astrometrics lab, which used Borg technology to plot routes that trimmed several years off of Voyager's journey. The lab became an important asset to Voyager and was Seven's domain for the rest of the journey. Using the astrometrics lab, Seven discovered the Hirogen communications network, which allowed Voyager to temporarily receive messages from the Alpha Quadrant. When monthly data streams and, later, real-time communication became possible, Seven helped implement enhancements to Voyager's deflector dish. Seven developed a technique for using Borg nanoprobes to revive an individual who had been dead several hours. It was used on Neelix in 2374. Voyager rescued a member of Species 8472 from a Hirogen hunting party in mid 2374. Captain Janeway wanted to return the creature to its native fluidic space because it had told Tuvok of its plight telepathically; it meant no harm and just wanted to go home. The Hirogen, however, wanted to hunt and kill it. They threatened to destroy Voyager unless the 8472 was returned to them. Seven felt that it should be surrendered in order to protect Voyager, but Captain Janeway strongly disagreed, saying that it was wrong to sacrifice another lifeform to save themselves. Seven refused to help open a quantum singularity into fluidic space to allow the 8472 to return to its realm, and Janeway confined her to the cargo bay. The Doctor needed nanoprobes to help treat the injured alien, and Seven was ordered to bring them to The Doctor so he could treat it. At the same time, a Hirogen hunter who had been injured from his initial hunt of the 8472, and who The Doctor had been treating, attacked the 8472. Seven transported both the Hirogen and the Species 8472 to a Hirogen vessel, which then retreated. Janeway was not happy with Seven's conduct, and revoked most of her privileges until she proved trustworthy once again. Seven believed she was being punished for asserting her individuality and her personal beliefs, which the Voyager crew had fostered since she had been freed from the Collective. When the Hirogen overtook Voyager in 2374 and used its crew and holodecks to conduct hunts, Seven was assigned the identity of Mademoiselle de Neuf (literally, "Miss of Nine") in the French Resistance holoprogram. The Doctor was able to modify her Borg implants and restore her real identity without the Hirogen knowing. She worked with The Doctor and Ensign Kim to stage a counterstrike against the Hirogen and restore the identities of the rest of the crew. Seven later modified explosives to emit a photonic burst which disabled holographic activity on part of the ship, a crucial event which allowed Captain Janeway to defeat the leader of the Hirogen and return control of the ship to the Starfleet crew. Voyager encountered Entharan weapons broker Kovin in 2374. Seven worked with him and viewed the weapons he offered to sell, but was very much uncomfortable around him. She later struck him in engineering. With The Doctor's help, Seven recovered memories which suggested Kovin had assaulted her and stolen nanoprobes for use as weapons. Circumstantial evidence also supported her story, and Voyager tried to apprehend Kovin. It is later determined that her memories were simply ones from her time as a Borg drone mixed with experiences of Kovin. Unfortunately, Kovin was killed when Voyager tried to contact him and tell him of his innocence. Both Seven and The Doctor experienced deep remorse over contributing to Kovin's death. A team led by Seven adapted a Borg design to contain and destroy Omega molecules found in the Delta Quadrant in 2374. The molecules temporarily stabilized while in the chamber. Seven was the only one to see it happen; as the Borg considered the Omega Molecule to be "perfection" in its purest form (but had never been able to stabilize it), the former drone underwent what could be described as a religious experience when she saw Omega spontaneously stabilize.

Seven was stricken with something akin to a multiple-personality disorder in 2375 when Voyager neared a vinculum infected with a synthetic pathogen by Species 6339. Several personalities, including Starfleet officers, a Klingon warrior, a Vulcan official, a Krenim scientist, a Ferengi trader, a woman trying to find her son aboard the USS Melbourne at the Battle of Wolf 359, and a frightened young child, emerged. These turned out to be personalities of individuals assimilated by Seven, and it was soon made clear the malfunctions in her implants were precisely what Species 6339 wished to inflict on the rest of the Collective. The personalities began to take over Seven, and her own individuality was lost. Tuvok was able to use a Vulcan mind meld to retrieve Seven's consciousness and the vinculum was deactivated. While transporting back to Voyager in 2375, a malfunction caused nanoprobes from Seven's bloodstream to merge with The Doctor's mobile emitter. The nanoprobes quickly assimilated the advanced 29th century technology, and used genetic material from Mulcahey to create an advanced Borg drone, with the emitter at its core. The drone lacked Borg programming, giving Seven the opportunity to communicate with him. She attempted to teach him to be an individual, and he was even given the name One by Neelix, but he wished to learn more about the Borg. Attempts to prevent the Borg from detecting One failed and his attempts to modify Voyager's weapons to fight them proved insufficient. He transported aboard the Borg vessel, destroying it from within. His built-in shielding allowed him to survive the explosion badly injured, but he refused treatment and died in Voyager's sickbay to keep the crew safe from constant assimilation threats. Seven mourned him as if she had lost a son. Seven was part of the team which designed the Delta Flyer shuttlecraft in 2375. Seven assisted in the construction of the quantum slipstream drive installed aboard Voyager in 2375. When Voyager crossed the territory of the anti-telepathic Devore in 2375, Seven helped develop a transporter suspension technique in order to hide telepathic crewmembers and Brenari refugees. Later in 2375, Voyager's crew prepared for a daring raid on a damaged Borg sphere in order to steal a transwarp coil and substantially shorten their journey home. Seven was contacted by the Borg Queen, who revealed that she had set a trap for Voyager and its crew would be assimilated if she did not return to the Collective. Seven reluctantly agreed, learning that she was deliberately granted her freedom as part of a larger plan to assimilate Humanity. Seven resisted the Queen's attempts to convince her to develop a nanoprobe virus and was eventually rescued by Voyager's crew. A race of bounty hunters known as the Hazari began attacking Voyager in 2375. A group of aliens called the Think Tank offered to help Voyager defeat the Hazari, but wanted Seven of Nine as payment. Kurros, a member of the Think Tank, tried to appeal to Seven's quest for perfection and have her join willingly, but she declined his offer. Further investigation revealed that Kurros had hired the Hazari to attack Voyager for the express purpose of taking Seven of Nine. The crew developed a plan with the Hazari which involved Seven willingly joining the Think Tank. Once with them, she would disable systems aboard their vessel. Kurros sensed deception, and forced Seven to link with the Think Tank's telepathic net. She overloaded the network as the link was established, disrupting the function of their entire ship. Seven was returned to Voyager as the Think Tank was overwhelmed with a Hazari attack squadron.

In 2376, Voyager docked at a Markonian outpost. While there, Seven of Nine encountered the group of drones which she had linked together eight years prior. They had since been liberated from the Collective, but were permanently linked due to Seven's modifications. They attacked Seven in order to find out what she had done to them, but were stopped by Voyager security. Seven later voluntarily linked with the drones to retrieve the memories of the crash, but further damage was caused when the link was broken. Even though the drones were no longer connected to one another, all but Seven were left comatose. They needed their neural implants removed, but it would only give them a month to live. They could be saved if reassimilated into the Borg Collective, but Seven decided that a brief life as an individual was much more valuable than eternal life as a drone, and she ordered The Doctor to remove the implants. The former drones were still upset about the decision made by Seven eight years prior, but understood her reasons and were grateful for their new-found freedom, however short. Also that year, Seven was part of an away team which discovered the Vaadwaur race, placed in stasis centuries prior. Seven was excited at the prospect of helping to rebuild a society in order to atone for the destruction she participated in while a member of the Collective, and worked with the Vaadwaur to find them a new home. It was later determined that the Vaadwaur were warlike and hostile, and their awakening placed the region of space near their homeworld in great danger. Seven was upset that her intention to help may have caused further suffering. Seven developed enhancements to her alcove that allowed her to process information and make connections between various events while she regenerated. This allowed Seven to deduce that photonic fleas had been degrading sensor efficiency and that a graviton catapult built by an alien named Tash employed a tetryon reactor like that of the Caretaker's array. However, the process overloaded her cortical implants, and she began drawing wild conclusions concerning Voyager's mission and crew. She convinced Chakotay that Voyager's presence in the Delta Quadrant was intentional and a prelude to a joint Federation/Cardassian invasion, while later telling Captain Janeway that Chakotay was organizing a Maquis rebellion, using technology of the Caretaker, to launch strikes on Federation and Cardassian targets. She then began to believe that Voyager was sent to the Delta Quadrant to retrieve her from the Borg Collective, and that she would be analyzed and dissected upon return to the Alpha Quadrant. She left the ship in the Delta Flyer, but Janeway was able to convince her that this 'conspiracy' was only a delusion caused by her alcove enhancements. She returned to Voyager and the enhancements were removed. Again during the same year, Seven and an injured Tuvok were captured by Penk, a Norcadian who organized the spectator sport Tsunkatse, and Seven was forced to fight in the ring. After rescue, Tuvok thanked her for taking his place in a red match and asked if she had recovered. Seven said that her victory only came from her loss of control, and worried that the three years she had spent regaining her Humanity were lost in the ring. However, Tuvok pointed out that her feelings of guilt, shame and remorse meant that her Humanity had been reaffirmed, not lost. In 2377 she discovered that she was one of a few Borg with a certain assimilation mutation that allowed them to retain their individuality while regenerating inside of an artificial construct known as Unimatrix Zero. Freed from the Collective, she was once again contacted by the others inside. They were on the verge of being discovered and needed her help. With some assistance from Voyager's crew, the drones were given the ability to retain their individuality outside of the construct. This allowed them to launch an open revolt against the Collective, plunging the Collective into civil war.

A hologram of Reginald Barclay was transmitted to Voyager in early 2377. The hologram supposedly brought information to Voyager about using a geodesic fold to return the ship to the Alpha Quadrant. In reality, the hologram had been intercepted and reprogrammed by Ferengi, who wanted to harvest Seven of Nine's nanoprobes and sell them for profit. Although the holo-Barclay claimed modifications to the shields would protect Voyager while in the fold, Seven eventually discovered that the hologram was deceiving them. In 2377, Seven became friends with a Nygean man named Iko, who had committed murder and had been sentenced to death on his homeworld. Initially, Iko took Seven prisoner when he was beamed aboard Voyager and made threats to the crew. He later became remorseful when his body and conscience were "healed" by Seven's nanoprobes after he was severely beaten by Yediq, the prison warden, when he threatened his family. Seven tried to help him avoid his death sentence, but his crime could not be forgiven by the victim's family and he was put to death. Seven was left troubled at the idea that Iko was executed for one murder while she had never been punished for her own actions in the Borg, but Janeway assured her that her time in the Collective was punishment enough. In 2377, Voyager's crew was forced to abandon ship after hitting a subspace mine. They were rescued by rogue elements of the Quarren, and had their identities reassigned in order to supply labor and fill a shortage on the Quarren homeworld. The entire crew, except Chakotay, Kim, and Neelix, who were away on the Delta Flyer, had their memories of Voyager erased and false memories of terrible conditions on their homeworlds implanted. Seven started to use her real name, Annika Hansen, and was given a job as an efficiency monitor in a power distribution plant, working with several other Voyager crew members including Captain Janeway, Tuvok, and B'Elanna Torres. Her Borg desire for perfection made her perfectly suited for the job, and she was often overzealous in chastising workers. The identity reassignment did not completely work on Tuvok, though, and he began to remember his former life, including Seven of Nine. He mind-melded with her, causing memories of her life on Voyager and as a drone to resurface. As the flashbacks continued, Annika investigated Tuvok's records. She believed there was a connection to the disappearance of Torres, who had been rescued by the remaining Voyager crew, and Annika later learned that Tuvok had accessed files of most of the Voyager crew, including Janeway, Torres, and herself. This led her to realize the inconsistency that many new workers from the same species began work on the same day, which was unusual during a labor shortage. Additionally, they were all brought through the neuropathology division, although none of the workers remembered this. Her suspicions were dismissed and explained as an outbreak of Dysphoria Syndrome. Annika was undaunted, and later visited the neuropathology division complaining of the flashbacks in order to access their computer system. While there, she discovered the Dysphoria Syndrome outbreak was actually a cover-up masterminded by a Quarren doctor called Kadan, to hide the fact that Voyager's crew and many others had been abducted. This confirmed the story Chakotay had told to Captain Janeway, and Annika and a Quarren official, Yerid, went to the hospital to prevent Kadan from using the reassignment technique on Chakotay and Tuvok. They succeeded, and the entire Voyager crew was transported back to the ship. The Doctor was successful in restoring the identities of the entire crew.

Following Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant in late 2377, Seven lived with her aunt, Irene Hansen and joined a Federation Think Tank. In 2380 Seven was recruited by Admiral Janeway to rejoin Voyager in her old posting since Voyager was part of Project Full Circle. She eventually accepted the offer and joined Voyager before it left for the Delta Quadrant.

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