Lieutenant Commander Selor

Name: Selor
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Science Officer/Second Officer USS Planck
Age: 52

Starfleet History
2351: Enters Starfleet Academy
2355: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2356: Assigned to USS Arimathea as Science Officer
2358: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2360: Promoted to Lieutenant
2362: Named Assistant Chief Science Officer
2365: Reassigned to USS Thunderchild as Chief Science Officer
2368: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2370: Reassigned to USS Majestic as Second Officer
2376: Takes LOA
2379: Returns from LOA and reassigned to USS Planck

Personal History
Selor was born in the city of Kir on the planet Vulcan in the year 2327. As a child Selor was betrothed to the woman he would marry at the age of 18. During his Pon Farr in 2350 Selor fathered a child a boy. Shortly after the birth of his son Selor applied for and was admitted into Starfleet Academy when he began attending in the fall of 2351 where he majored in general sciences. After completing his studies at the Academy Selor was assigned to the USS Arimathea as a science officer. In 2357 he returned to Vulcan due to his pon farr and this time he and his wife conceived a daughter. Having risen to the rank of full Lieutenant by 2362 he was named the Assistant Chief Science Officer. Three and half years later in 2365 he transferred to the Thunderchild to be the Chief Science Officer. He was transferred again in 2370 to the Majestic to be the ship's Second Officer on top of his duties as Chief Science Officer. In 2375 his daughter enrolled at Starfleet Academy but was unfortunately killed in the Breen attack on Starfleet Headquarters. His son, who had become a Lieutenant junior grade by then, was working at Starfleet Headquarters as an aide and was also killed. After the war was over Selor took a Leave of Absence from Starfleet that lasted almost four years. He returned in Nov 2379 to join the crew of the Planck of the Delta Quadrant decrying returning at that moment for that assignment was the logical thing to do.

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