Counselor Sean Turner

Name: Sean Turner
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Counselor Enterprise (NX-01)
Age: 32

Starfleet History
2365: Enters Starfleet Academy
2369: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2370: Assigned to USS Crockett as Assistant Counselor
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2376: Reassigned to USS New Orleans as Counselor
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to Enterprise(NX-01)

Personal History
Sean Turner was born in New Orleans, LA in the year 2347 to a quantum physicist and a retired Starfleet pilot. His mother was forced to retire shortly before getting pregnant with Sean due to injuries she sustained on an away mission in a shuttle craft. After graduating high school Sean entered Starfleet Academy electing to become a psychologist, a ship's Counselor despite his mother's insistence that he not join Starfleet. Due to this he has not been home in fourteen years missing his father's funeral because of the rift between him and his mother. After graduating from Starfleet Academy Sean was assigned to the Excelsior class USS Crockett to be the Assistant Counselor. After six years on the Crockett Sean was transferred to the New Orleans class vessel USS New Orleans to be the Head Counselor. In early 2380, he volunteered to transfer to the Enterprise (NX-01) to meet the legendary and have a role in exploring the Delta Quadrant even if it was a limited role.

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