Commander Sean Hawk

Name: Sean Hawk
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Lexington

Starfleet History
????: Assigned to USS Yorktown
????: Assigned to San Francisco Fleet Yards
2372: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) as Chief Helm Officer
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to USS Lexington as Second Officer
2379: Promoted to Commander and named First Officer

Personal History
He was born in Bradbury City on Mars, the third son of Rhyst and Camille Hawk. His parents taught him and his brothers to savour life, and they grew up to have wanderlust and great passion for life. Hawk entered Starfleet Academy as soon as he was old enough, and excelled academically, leading his instructors to believe he had an eidetic (photographic) memory. He was also recognized for his athletic and interpersonal skills. One of his close friends at the Academy was Linda Addison, with whom he shared an interest in rock climbing and 19th century American literature, and a common taste in men. After graduation, they maintained regular if somewhat occasional contact. Hawk also attended advanced training flight school at Jupiter Station, and finished first in his class. One of his classmates was Dan Duvall with whom he formed a friendly but competitive relationship. While at the Academy, Hawk fell in love with a fellow cadet named Logan with whom he had a year long relationship, however after their graduation, they were separated when they were assigned to different vessels. Not long after, Logan perished when his ship, the USS Barbados, was destroyed in a fight with Cardassian forces. Hawk's first assignment was as conn officer on board the USS Yorktown under Captain Kentrav's command. He then transferred to San Francisco Fleet Yards, where he worked on the construction of a Sovereign-class starship which would become the USS Enterprise-E. While on shore leave on Risa in 2371, Hawk decided to explore a crystal cave. While climbing, he lost his footing and fell. He broke his leg, but was noticed by fellow Starfleet officer Ranul Keru who carried Hawk to a medic then took him to dinner that night. The two beguan a romantic relationship.

When the Enterprise-E comissioned in 2372, both he and Keru managed to secure postings on the vessel, with Hawk becoming the ship's helmsman. Later that year, after Captain Jean-Luc Picard took command of the Enterprise, Hawk found himself assigned many extra duties seeing much command potential in him. Following a combat exercise with the USS Samson Hawk was reunited with his old friend Linda Addison, but found her behavior suspicious. Following the Samson's destruction Hawk's suspicions led him to conclude that Addison was in fact a Changeling infiltrator who killed her and hid her body on Vulcan that was later located by Lieutenant Dan Duvall. Captain Picard ordered Hawk to assist security chief Yar with the task of capturing the infiltrator while he attempted a diplomatic solution. Their combined effort helped trick the Changeling into escaping the ship with false intelligence about Enterprise' capabilities. A few weeks later, he piloted a shuttle craft through an asteroid field with Commander Yar to apprehend Captain Ishmael Snowden who was responsible for the murder of Admiral Eric Hahn and the bombing of Starbase 375 in support of Admiral James Leyton's attempted coup.

Later that year, the Enterprise was dispatched on diplomatic mission to Chiaros IV following the disappearance of the USS Slayton in the system. The inhabitant of Chiaros IV were divided into two waring group and was about to vote on joining the Federation or the Romulan Star Empire. Hawk was approached by Ambassador Aubin Tabor, who revealed himself as an agent of Section 31 and tried to recruit him. Tabor's persuasive argument left him conflicted on the matter of joining the shadowy organization in protection of the Federation. Never the less, he swore to the ambassador not to discusse it with anyone until he made his decision, who in turn explaned that his true mission is to keep Chiaros IV out of the Federation and find his assosite Commander Cortin Zweller who was the science officer of the Slayton. Shortly after this, Tabor was killed when the first peace talk between the two Chiarosian group turned into a bloodbath.

Unsure what to do, Hawk decided to keep Tabor's secret and help in the rescue of the handful of survivors kidnapped from the Slayton's crew, among them Zweller, to get some answers. He joined a rescue team consisting of Admiral Marta Batanides, Captain Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher. They infiltrated the headqurters of the Army of Light, a Chiarosian militaristic movment that was secretly aided by the Romulan Tal Shiar. They managed to free their comrades and escape the compound in Romulan scout ship, and Zweller's true allegiance came to light and was arrested upon arriving on the Enterprise. Ultimetly, the crew of the Enterprise discovered to Romulans true interest in the system, a subspace singularity, that would provide the Romulan Empire with immense amounts of power that would help them conqer the galaxy. Hawk along with Picard and Data embarked on a mission to neturalize the singularity. After Data and Picard were incapacitated, but Hawk was able to keep the attacking warbird at bay, until his colleague recovered enough to complete their mission. After the Enterprise departed the Chiaros system, Hawk discussed his dilemma regarding Section 31 with his partner, Ranul Keru, he decided to talk with Zweller and determine what the organization is truly capable of to defend the Federation. After their talk, Hawk came to the conclusion that Section 31 is willing to cross too many lines in the name of protection and revealed everything he learned to Captain Picard. In early-2373, Hawk and Keru attended a theater performance directed by Doctor Crusher. After a after a great deal of badgering during their dinner, Keru managed to talk Hawk into trying out for a role in the next performance. The following day, he expertly navigated the Enterprise through the Badlands to rescue Captains Jean-Luc Picard and Benjamin Sisko from a trap set by rogue members of the Klingon High Council.

Sean and Ranul were on leave when the Enterprise went into the Briar Patch to handle the Ba'ku matter. In 2378, the Second Officer position on the Lexington became available and Sean was selected to fill the position. He served on the Lexington for nineteen months before he was promoted to become the First Officer after his predecessor got her own command.

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