Lieutenant Sara Rhoades

Name: Sara Rhoades
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Science Officer USS Quirinal
Age: 31

Starfleet History
2366: Enters Starfleet Academy
2370: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2371: Assigned to USS Jacksonville as Science Officer
2373: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2376: Reassigned to USS Columbia as Assistant Chief Science Officer
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant
2379: Reassigned to USS Quirinal as Chief Science Officer

Personal History
Sara Rhoades was born in Las Vegas, NV in the year 2348. She had always had an interest in science as far back as she can remember so it was only natural that when she entered Starfleet Academy she would major in sciences. Not wanting to limit herself she majored in general sciences. her first assignment was as a relief science officer on the USS Jacksonville. The Jacksonville did not serve on the front lines of the war but she was one of the many who got a promotion after the war ended becoming the new Assistant Chief Science Officer on the Columbia. After almost three years on the Columbia Sara was given the opportunity of her dreams and the chance to explore the Delta Quadrant as Chief Science Officer of the USS Quirinal under Captain Farkas.

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