Commander Samaritan Bowers

Name: Samaritan Bowers
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Quirinal

Starfleet History
2373: Serving as Tactical Officer USS Budapest
2376: Reassigned to USS Defiant as Chief Tactical Officer
2379: Promoted to Commander and reassigned to USS Quirinal as First Officer

Personal History
In his youth, Bowers lived on Mantilles. He attended school there as a teenager, and it was his school counselor who first introduced him to the martial arts. While a teenager, Bowers suffered from anger issues and a short temper. His school counselor recommended he take up martial arts to keep his temper in check. He took up karate and had attained brown belt status before he left home for Starfleet Academy. Although he didn't keep up with the karate discipline while at the Academy, he resumed his studies as a white belt beginner aboard the Budapest under the tutelage of the deputy security chief. He kept his training up until he was transferred off the ship, still not having reached black belt status. Bowers enjoyed watching old Western vids and playing poker.

During the Battle of Sector 001, Bowers lead a team against several invading Borg drones. Bowers killed two drones before they adapted and was unfortunately unable to stop them from assimilating Captain Sh'Raazn. Bowers and his team later used TR-116 rifles against the Borg and managed to kill them with the weapons. In order to do so, he had to kill the assimilated Sh'Raazn, as well as his friends Jalarin, Hughes, Selok and Perez.

Soon after he arrived on the station, Bowers was the duty officer in the operations center when Ezri Dax received a message from Worf. Bowers served as tactical officer during the Defiant's three-month exploratory mission of the Gamma Quadrant in mid-2376. Several months later, Bowers accompanied Kira Nerys, Taran'atar and Aleco Vel aboard the USS Rio Grande to rendezvous with the USS Mjolnir where they were to take possession of DS9's new runabout, the USS Yolja. Bowers and Aleco later piloted the ship back to the station. In early 2377, Bowers served as first officer on the Defiant under Commander Elias Vaughn when the vessel went out in pursuit of the renegade Jem'Hadar, Taran'atar.

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