NAME: Survic Stone
AGE: 56
D.O.B.: January 28, 2339
RACE: Vulcan
RANK: Admiral
Assignment: Academy Commandant, Academy
MARKS: Whip lash scars on back. Ocular Implants, (Like Geordi LaForge in ST: FC & In.)
ABILITIES: Sees better than the normal eye.
SKILLS: 5 years Vulcan schooling, 4 years Starfleet Academy, and 2 months Borg Defence Force Basic Training aka Survival Training.

Gavik (Father) & T'Kau (Mother)(Both Deceased.)
SIBLINGS: T'Pak (Sister, it was discovered in 2390. Deceased.)
UNCLE: Sonik (Telsia; Aunt)
MATE: Rear Admiral Aurora Stone (His XO, Wife)
CHILDREN: T'Mira (Daughter) & Robert Stone (Adopted Son)

Was born on January 28, 2339 on Vulcan. In early 2340's, his parents took him with them on a 10 Year Science Mission around the Federation/Cardassian Border, on a Vulcan Science Ship at around age 2. About 3 years into the mission, around 5 years of age, their ship was attacked by a Cardassian Warship. The adults were slaughtered, and the children were taken as slaves, Survic included. In 2366, about age 27 he made his first escape attempt. He was caught 3 days later, and was publicly whipped as a lesson for the rest of the slaves. In 2370, he made a second escape attempt. He hijacked a Starfleet Runabout, the Cardassians captured. After lights out, he beamed 300 slaves on board. It was packed, he had to store some of them in the transporter's pattern buffer. He took off at full impulse, then after out of the orbit of Cardassia Prime, he went Maximum warp to Vulcan. A Cardassian Warship pursued them until the Federation/Cardassian Border. He spent 5 years on Vulcan, schooling, learning to surpress his emotions and live by Logic. In 2375 he failed to suppress his emotions, and gave up on it. He joined Starfleet. In 2379 he Graduated and was assigned to USS Avenger as an Engineer at the rank of Ensign & Lt.(jg). In 2382, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He was transfered to USS Freedom as AENG. In 2385, he was Promoted to Lt.Commander and Chief Engineer. In 2387, he was promoted to Commander and transferred to USS Ticonderoga as XO. His mate T'Pak was killed, her shuttle was destroyed by Cardassian slave hunters, on her way to live with Survic on the Ticonderoga. In 2388. He was promoted to Captain and assigned CO of the Starbase Saloon. In 2389 he met and started dating Counselor Flanagan, she moved into his quarters. It ended horribly, and shortly after. She left Starbase Saloon. In 2390 it was discovered that his former mate T'Pak was his younger sister, (they were too young to remember that when they were taken into slavery) By a mind-meld with Ambassador Spock. Not long after he was Promoted to Fleet Captain. Then when an emergency situation comes up, he is given the rank of Rear Admiral. And is to put together a massive Armada. He was later promoted to Vice Admiral by Admiral Picard shortly after the launch of the Armada.

Dates Assignments Positions Ranks
2375-2379 Starfleet Academy Cadet Freshman, Sophmore, Junior & Senior
2379-2382 USS Avenger Engineer Ensign & Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
2382-2387 USS Freedom Assistant Chief Engineer & Chief Engineer Lieutenant & Lieutenant Commander
2387-2388 USS Ticonderoga Executive Officer Commander
2388-2397 Starbase Saloon Commanding Officer Captain, Fleet Captain, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral (again), Vice Admiral (again) & Admiral
2397-2405 Academy Academy Commandant Admiral
2405-2413 Paris, France, Earth Commander-in-Chief of the United Federation of Planets President








Star Clusters



NAME: John

Important Dates

December 24, 2001: Created & joined the Starbase Saloon RPG.
May 20, 2008: Demoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.
June 14, 2008: Re-Promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral.
June ##, 2010: Promoted to the rank of Admiral.

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