Starbase Saloon's Honored Dead

This is where those who gave it all, to keep Starbase Saloon safe, are remembered. The ones who believed the good of the many out-weight the good of the few, or the one. These are the Heroes of Starbase Saloon!

Last Rank & Name Last Position Held Rank Pips Cause of Death
Commander Hudson Hawk Executive Officer r-o5.png Died by a signal the Borg send out before their Cubes were destroyed, during the Borg Attack on Starbase Saloon. The signal was designed to kill all former Borg Drones that Starfleet had liberated. Commander Hawk was one of them. (Lieutenant Colonel Lu Rod, Chief of Fighter Operations, was also one, but he slipped into a coma and was sent to Earth. He returned after awaking from the coma 2 years later.)
Dr.(Commander) Kalita Nambia Chief Medical Officer c-o5.png Was killed by the Mirror Universe Survic via telepathic torture.
Captain (Marine) Bretanna Proman Wing Commander g-o3.png Died saving Fighter Pilot Brian Kobylka from a Klingon Attack. She placed herself and her Fighter in between the Klingon ship and Brian's Fighter. And took the hits fired at him. She 'took the bullet' for First Lieutenant Brian Kobylka, whom was under her command.
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