Counselor Yuriel Tyvan

Name: Yuriel Tyvan
Rank: Commander
Position: Counselor USS Esquiline

Starfleet History
pre 2336: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) as Counselor
2372: Reassigned to USS Thomas Jefferson
2379: Reassigned to USS Esquiline

Personal History
Yuriel Tyvan was an El-Aurian refugee of the Borg invasion of 2293. After his encounter with Starfleet, he joined it, and became a counselor, coming to work on the USS Enterprise-C in 2336. He held the rank of commander that year. He counseled many, including Darya Bat-Levi. He was not on the Enterprise-C when it was destroyed. In 2372 he was stranded on Prometheus when it was forced to slide from his quantum reality. Oncethe Prometheus returned home he was assigned to the Thomas Jefferson. In late 2379 he was reassigned to the Esquiline to take part in Project Full Circle. His reasoning for taking the assignment was he wanted to see the Borg ended once and for all because of what they did to his home planet eighty six years ago despite it being a different quantum reality.

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