Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru

Name: Ranul Keru
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Head of Stellar Cartography

Starfleet History
2372: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) as Head of Stellar Cartography
2378: Reassigned to USS Lexington

Personal History
At Starfleet Academy, Keru learned several forms of unarmed combat and became one of the best marksmans in his class, but ultimately pursued a scientific career. In 2371, he was shore leave on the planet Risa, where he decided to explore some crystal caves. While spelunking, he came across fellow Starfleet officer Sean Hawk who suffered an accident while climbing and broke his leg. Keru carried the injured Hawk out of the cave and took him to a medic. After Hawk was patched up, Keru took him to dinner and the two begun a romantic relationship. Before the launch of Starfleet's new flagship in 2372, Keru to arrange a transfer to the vessel to serve with Hawk. Keru became the head of the stellar cartography department on the USS Enterprise-E with the rank of lieutenant commander under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. With the knowledge of the an alternate future courtesy of Patricia Crusher Ranul and Sean were on leave when the Enterprise-E encountered the Borg in 2373. When Hawk was reassigned to the Lexington to be the Second Officer in 2378 Ranul accompanied him.

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