Captain Rachel Garrett

Name: Rachel Garrett
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)
Age: 85 (appears 50)

Starfleet History
2316: Lieutenant junior grade serving on USS Argo
pre 2328: Promoted to Commander and reassigned to USS Carthage as First Officer
2332: Promoted to Captain and reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) as Commanding Officer

Personal History
Rachel Garrett, daughter of Judith and David Garrett, was born in Madison, Indiana, on Earth in 2294. By 2316, she had earned the rank of lieutenant junior grade while serving aboard the USS Argo. That year, she met Betazoid xenoarcheologist Ven Kaldarren, who she married several months later. In 2324 her son Jason was born. As a result due to her shipboard career, the boy lived with his father. Sadly, her marriage became increasingly strained over the next decade, and they would divorce in 2333. By 2328, Commander Garrett was first officer of the USS Carthage.

In 2332 she was promoted to Captain and given command of the Ambassador-class USS Enterprise-C. In late 2335 or early 2336, the Enterprise was raided by a group of Klingon renegades. Garrett's close friend and first officer, Nigel Holmes, was killed in the attack. In 2344, the Enterprise responded to a call to arms brought from Romulus by Commander Saavik of the USS Armstrong. Saavik brought word of an unprovoked Romulan attack on the unarmed Klingon outpost on Narendra III, which was the target of the mad Romulan Praetor, Dralath. Captain Garrett was presumed killed during the battle, along with most of her crew.

n 2344, the Enterprise-C, under Garrett's command, responded to a distress call from the Klingon outpost at Narendra III, which was under attack by four Romulan Warbirds. Garrett ordered the Enterprise to engage the attackers. While defending the outpost, the weapons discharges resulted in the creation of a temporal rift, through which the badly damaged Enterprise drifted, arriving in the year 2366. Garrett had been badly injured, but managed to send a distress call. To her surprise, a Federation ship did answer the call – the ship's immediate successor, the USS Enterprise-D. Garrett was taken to its sickbay while Lieutenant Richard Castillo managed repairs. As she recovered, Jean-Luc Picard informed her that the Federation was at war with the Klingon Empire, and on the brink of defeat. Initially, Garrett was prepared to remain and assist the Federation's war efforts, but it was eventually discovered that the Enterprise-C's journey through time had resulted in the creation of an alternate timeline, and that, if they wished to restore the proper flow of history, the Enterprise-C would have to return through the rift, in the middle of the battle with the Romulans. Garrett initially balked at this idea, noting that they were hopelessly outmatched by the Romulans, but Picard pointed out that if a Federation starship were to sacrifice itself in defense of a Klingon outpost such an act would be seen as extremely honorable by the Empire, and perhaps avoid the war altogether. Garrett eventually conceded, and prepared to take her ship back through the rift. To help the Enterprise-C in the battle Rachel approved the transfer of Lieutenant Tasha Yar to man the tactical console to give the Enterprise-C more of a fighting chance. Instead of being returned to the battle they were sent into the year 2380 and a completely different quantum reality one where there was no war with the Klingons.

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