Lieutenant Commander Worf

Name: Worf
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Security Chief/Second Officer USS Esquiline
Age: 39

Starfleet History
2357 enters Starfleet Academy
2361: Graduates starfleet academy
2361: Assigned to UESS Aldrin
2364: Promoted to Lieutenant (jg) and named Assistant Security Chief on USS Enterprise-D
2372: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Venture as Security Chief
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2379: Reassigned to USS Esquiline as Security Chief/Second Officer

Personal History
Worf was born in 2340 on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, as the son of Mogh, patriarch of one of the Klingon Empire's Great Houses. When Worf was five years old, his father took him and his mother to live on the Khitomer colony. There, Mogh took Worf on a ritual hunt along with a garrison warrior, L'Kor. Worf had not yet reached the Age of Inclusion and was barely able to hold a bat'leth. During the hunt, Worf was mauled by a beast, leaving behind a scar and memory he kept throughout his life. At some point when Worf was a child he had a pet targ. In 2346, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire were officially allied but a conspiracy between the Romulans and the House of Duras left the Klingon Empire open to betrayal. Romulan forces attacked the Khitomer colony, killing nearly all the 4,000 Klingon colonists including Worf's parents. The colony's distress call was answered by the Federation starship USS Intrepid. An Intrepid chief petty officer, Sergey Rozhenko, found Worf buried in the rubble. After the Klingon Empire stated that the young boy apparently had no living relatives, Sergey took Worf to his homestead on the farming colony of Gault. He and his wife, Helena, raised the Klingon child alongside their own son, Nikolai. The two boys thought of each other as siblings. As the sole Klingon in a small farm culture, Worf had some difficulty adapting to his new circumstances, though; years later, Helena described her son as bright and highly spirited as a boy. Soon after his arrival on Gault, the seven year-old bloodied the noses of five teenage boys, whom Worf deemed "disrespectful." In 2353, at thirteen years of age, Worf led his school's soccer team to the championships, where, in an attempt to score, he collided with another player, Mikel. The impact of Klingon ridges against a Human skull snapped Mikel's neck, and the boy died the next day. This lesson in Human frailties made a huge impact on Worf's nascent character. His self-control, interpreted by some as part of his Klingon heritage, was a large factor in his serious demeanor. The Rozhenko family eventually moved to Earth, where Sergey frequently took Nikolai and Worf camping in the Ural Mountains. At night, Worf often listened raptly to the sound of wolves howling in the distance. Life on Earth was tougher on Worf since Earth was xenophobic still from when the terrorist group Terra Prime expelled all non humans from Earth over two hundred years earlier. Worf served as an ensign aboard the USS Aldrin from the years 2361 to 2364. This was the first time Worf had encountered the race since his parents' deaths all those years ago, and he did not hesitate to use lethal force against those that he encountered. In 2364, Lieutenant junior grade Worf was assigned as a command division bridge officer and Assistant Security Chief on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Worf spent most of his first year on the Enterprise-D as a relief officer for the conn and other bridge stations. Worf was permitted a variation from the Starfleet uniform dress code, and wore a Klingon warrior's sash, sometimes called a baldric by Humans, over his regular duty uniform. Worf was stuck on the Prometheus when it was forced to slide. After arriving in the Prometheus' home quantum reality Worf was assigned to the Galaxy class USS Venture and promoted to full Lieutenant. In 2379 he was transferred to the Esquiline to be the Second Officer as well as Security Chief.

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