Doctor Katherine Pulaski

Name: Katherine Pulaski
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer USS Esquiline

Starfleet History
2353: Assigned to Starfleet Medical
????: Reassigned to UESS Repulse as Chief Medical Officer
2365: Reassigned to UESS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D)
2372: Reassigned to Starbase 115
2373: Promoted to Commander
2379: Reassigned to USS Esquiline

Personal History
Pulaski was assigned to Starfleet Medical in San Francisco in 2353. Prior to her posting to the Enterprise, Pulaski served as chief medical officer on the USS Repulse under the command of Captain Taggert. Like her predecessor eighty years before, Doctor Leonard McCoy, Dr. Pulaski had a transporter phobia. She rarely used the transporter while posted to that vessel, preferring to use shuttlecraft whenever possible. Taggert was fond of Pulaski, and said he would have given her a personal shuttlecraft if she had agreed to remain aboard the Repulse. Early in her career, Pulaski authored a groundbreaking research paper called "Linear Models of Viral Propagation". It was still the standard on the subject many years later. Pulaski believed that traditional remedies were just as valuable as technological ones, perhaps even more so. She also had her own blend of chicken soup, called PCS (Pulaski's chicken soup), which she prescribed to those with ailments such as the flu. Pulaski was also an accomplished poker player, and joined the Enterprise crew for several poker games. She used to make fun of Worf, because of his icy look during the game. In 2372, she was on the Prometheus when it was forced to slide from her quantum reality. After arriving in the Prometheus' quantum reality she was assigned to be the Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 115 serving there for over seven years before getting the assignment on Esquiline as part of Project Full Circle.

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