Commander William T Riker

Name: William T Riker
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
Age: 44

Starfleet History
2353: Enters Starfleet Academy
2357: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2358: Assigned to UESS Pegasus as Helm Officer
pre 2361: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to UESS Potemkin
2364: Reassigned to UESS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as Chief Operations Officer
2368: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2372: Reassigned to USS Stargazer as Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer
2376: Promoted to Commander and reassigned to USS Prometheus as First Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

Personal History
William Thomas Riker was born in 2335 to Kyle and Betty Riker in Alaska on Earth. His distant ancestors were from mainland North America, including Colonel Thaddius Riker, who fought in the American Civil War. Betty died when Will was only two years old, leaving his father to raise him alone. The Rikers remained in Alaska at Betty's wish. The only thing which kept Kyle going was Will, but he did not feel as if he could discuss the situation with him, even when Will was older. The memories of Betty's presence at their Alaska home were also painful for both. This initial trauma created a rift between the two Rikers which lasted thirty years. When Will first started school, he told all of his new friends that his mother was still alive. Eventually, he told the story so often that he began to believe the lie. Soon, his teacher learned of this problem, and both she and Kyle had to talk to Will and make him realize that his mother was dead and was not coming back. Will cried the entire night following, but later realized it was an important step in accepting his mother's death. However, Will's relationship with Kyle continued to deteriorate into his early teens. He was often left to care for himself, learning such skills as cooking. Will was never able to concentrate much on subjects such as math, as he constantly daydreamed about starships. In 2344, Will and his father went on a fishing trip. Will was able to hook a large fish, but Kyle insisted on reeling the fish in. This incident bothered Will for many years. He also practiced anbo-jyutsu with his father. Kyle admitted that by the time Will was twelve, his skills were superior. Will did not know that the only reason he always lost was because his father used illegal hachidan kiritsu moves. Kyle completely abandoned Will by 2350, when Will was fifteen. Will held a grudge against his father for the following fifteen years.

Will entered Starfleet Academy in 2353. Paul Rice was a close friend of Riker's while at the Academy. He felt that people were out to get him during his first year at the Academy. Upon graduation in 2357, Riker was ranked eighth in his class. He set lofty goals for himself, and hoped to reach captain before thirty-five years of age. Seven months after graduation, Ensign William Riker's first posting was to the UESS Pegasus under the command of Erik Pressman. He was the ship's conn officer, and his youthful appearance earned him the nickname "Ensign Babyface," coined by fellow crewmember Lieutenant Boylen. Phil Wallace was another of Riker's friends aboard the Pegasus. Fresh from the Academy, Riker was still somewhat serious about his work. Loyalty and obedience to his commanding officer were top priorities. Riker's ears were still ringing with words like Duty and Honor. By 2361 he was a Lieutenant serving on the Potempkin. He was selected to be the Chief Operations Officer of the newly launched Galaxy class UESS Enterprise-D in 2364. As a Lieutenant Commander in 2372 he was trapped on the Prometheus when it was forced to slide from his home quantum reality. Upon arrival in Promtheus' home quantum reality he was assigned to the Stargazer where the First Officer was his former First Officer on the UESS Enterprise-D Jack Crusher. He was transferred to the Prometheus in 2376 to be First Officer. He was offered to return to the Enterprise albeit the Enterprise-E in 2379.

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