Crew Manifest USS Planck


Commanding Officer Captain Gilaad Ben Zoma r-o6.png Human/Male
First Officer Commander Duke Coleman r-o5.png Human/Male
Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander Ezri Dax r-o4.png Joined Trill/Female
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Poraash Zh'varhoq r-o3.png Andorian/Zhen
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Henoa Lankford r-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Sarah Chapman r-o2.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Lieutenant Mike Hawkins r-o2.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Phillip Walton r-o1.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Wilfred Greer r-o1.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Lals Herasa r-o1.png Bolian/Male
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Macaria Califano r-o3.png Human/Female
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Priscilla Shepard r-o1.png Human/Female
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Jeanette Marsh r-o1.png Human/Female
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Phillip Norris y-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Garifullina Andreevna y-o2.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Ensign Charlotte Jenkins y-o1.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Ensign Kahlil Franklin y-o1.png Human/Male
Operations Officer Ensign Giovanni Gallegos y-o1.png Human/Male
Operations Officer Ensign Paaleia y-o1.png Vulcan/Female
Security Chief Lieutenant Thomas Lane y-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Don Reed y-o3.png Human/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant John Jones y-o2.png Human/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant Ruzko y-o2.png Saurian/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant Ethrathass Zh'otokreq y-o2.png Andorian/Zhen
Security Officer Ensign Rhonda Rivers y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Holly May y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Ted Keller y-o1.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Saron y-o1.png Vulcan/Male
Security Officer Ensign Victor Woods y-o1.png Human/Male
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Jacqueline Benoit y-o3.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Andrew Carpenter y-o3.png Human/Male
Engineer Lieutenant Bennie Webster y-o3.png Human/Male
Engineer Lieutenant Valerie Bean y-o2.png Human/Female
Engineer Lieutenant Grind Soro y-o2.png Bolian/Male
Engineer Ensign Itheth Ch'ozhosrehr y-o1.png Andorian/Chan
Engineer Ensign Julie Guy y-o1.png Human/Female
Engineer Ensign Regina Booker y-o1.png Human/Female
Engineer Ensign Lillie Green y-o1.png Human/Female
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Brooklyn Steele y-o2.png Human/Female
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Cory Smith y-o1.png Human/Male
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Manuel Sanders y-o1.png Human/Male
Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Nayeli Walsh y-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Ilyukhina Germanovna y-o2.png Human/Female
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Joseph Sheppard y-o2.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Nathan Black y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Stas y-o1.png Vulcan/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Alfred Chapman y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Jerome Roberts y-e7.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Jodi Watson y-e3.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Hope Boyle y-e3.png Human/Female
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Lonhe Pobol y-e7.png Unjoined Trill/Female
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Priscilla Black y-e5.png Human/Female
Transporter Operator Crewman Dale Conway y-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Commander) Ismail Asenzi t-o5.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Randy Shields t-o2.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Shikhova Igorievna t-o2.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jane Flynn t-o2.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Bohl Th'ashethin t-o2.png Andorian/Thaan
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Madeline Weeks t-o2.png Human/Female
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Virgil Carr t-o2.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Frederick Pierce t-o1.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Lauren Snyder t-o1.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Martin Lopez t-e3.png Human/Male
Med Tech Crewman Maisy Dean t-e3.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Omar Barton t-e3.png Human/Male
Counselor Doctor(Lieutenant) Marlyn Del Cid t-o3.png Human/Female
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Solet Zh'taaloss c-o3.png Andorian/Zhen
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Sebastian Conway c-o3.png Human/Male
Science Officer Ensign Richard Parrish c-o1.png Human/Male
Science Officer Ensign Jill Beard c-o1.png Human/Female
Science Officer Ensign Ruby Mitchell c-o1.png Human/Female
Science Officer Ensign Melissa Love c-o1.png Human/Female
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