Lieutenant Jamaal Williams

Name: Jamaal Williams
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Science Officer USS Enterprise(NCC-1701)
Age: 153 (appears 40)

Starfleet History
2245: Enters Starfleet Academy
2249: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2249: Assigned to USS Shenzhou as Science Officer
2353: Promoted to Lieutenant
2254: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
2258: Named Assistant Chief Science Officer

Personal History
Jamaal was born in Brooklyn, NY in 2227. He attended Starfleet Academy when he was eighteen majoring in general sciences with a minor is microbiology. His first assignment after graduating from the Academy was the Walker class USS Shenzhou under the command of Philippa Georgiou. During his five years on the Shenzhou he was close with Saru but did not have the best relationship with Michael Burnham. As fate would have it he was transferred to the Enterprise where he would serve under Burnham's adoptive brother Spock. He served on the Enterprise for another four years before he became Spock's Assistant following the death of Lieutenant Connolly while on detached duty to Discovery. There were no Chief Science Officer positions opening up for Jamaal and all of a sudden he found himself in the Delta Quadrant in the year 2380 in a different quantum reality.

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