Commander Thelin th'Valrass

Name: Thelin th'Valrass
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Starfleet History
2264: Assigned to USS Constellation as First Officer and Science Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Personal History
Thelin is half-Andorian/half-Aenar thaan meaning that two of his parents were Andorians and two were Aenar. In 2264 he was assigned to the USS Constellation as First Officer under Commodore Matt Decker. In 2367 the ship ran into the planet killer and along with the Enterprise was thrust into the year 2379 and a different quantum reality. After arriving in 2379 Thelin and Captain Kirk learned that a ship must be sacrificed to neutralize the planet killer. Since the Constellation was in worse shape Thelin left the ship and it was destroyed inside in the planet killer. After Captain Kirk's transfer to the Enterprise-E Thelin was named the Enterprise's First Officer since Spock was taking over as Captain.

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