Vice Admiral Peter Swanson

Name: Peter Swanson
Rank: Vice Admiral
Position: Head of Starfleet Operations
Age: 66

Starfleet History
2332: Enters Starfleet Academy
2336: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2337: Assigned to USS Brattain as Engineer
2338: Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Gage as Assistant Chief Engineer
2340: Named Chief Engineer
2341: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2343: Reassigned to USS Adelphi as Second Officer
2346: Promoted to Commander and named First Officer
2350: Promoted to Captain and reassigned to USS Armstrong as Commanding Officer
2372: Promoted to Rear Admiral (lower)and named Head of Starfleet Operations
2377: Promoted to Rear Admiral (upper)
2380: Promoted to Vice Admiral

Personal History
An engineer by trade Peter was the Captain of the Challenger class USS Armstrong for over twenty two years after rising through the ranks of Starfleet before finally accepting a promotion to Admiral to replace the disgraced Admiral Leyton as Head of Starfleet Operations. He has served as Head of Starfleet Operations for seven plus years now still trying to get out of the shadow of his disgraced predecessor.

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