Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Name: Hikaru Sulu
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Astroscientist USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Age: 143 (appears 30)

Starfleet History
pre 2265: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Head of Astrometrics

Personal History
Hikaru Sulu was born in San Francisco, Earth on 2237. In 2248, Sulu and his family moved from Earth to Ishikawa, on the planet Ganjitsu, located along the Federation-Klingon border. An unexpected Klingon force attacked the colony they lived at. This resulted in the death of a girl Sulu was close friends with. Only many years later, did he finally release this consuming guilt he had harbored. Sulu was a sciences division officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise in 2265, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. He was the department head of the Astrosciences Department. In 2266, Sulu and the then Chief Navigator Lieutenant Kevin Riley came under the effects of the Psi 2000 polywater intoxication after being exposed while they both tried to prevent science division Lieutenant junior grade Joe Tormolen from stabbing himself with a table knife in the recreation room. A bit later, Sulu left his post to go practice fencing. Unfortunately the intoxication just built into him to the point where he started fancying himself as the reincarnation of D'Artagnan, imperiling crew members in the corridors with a fencing foil. This got so out of hand that he went back to the bridge that he assumed and needed to confront Kirk as Richelieu. Sulu even took Uhura under his "protection" as a "fair maiden". (Uhura told him, "Sorry, neither" and was able to break free of Sulu's grasp.) Then Spock subdued Sulu with a Vulcan nerve pinch and Sulu was taken by two crewmen to sickbay. The majority of the rest of the crew became infected with the polywater intoxication until McCoy found an antidote to the intoxication, which worked on Sulu and he returned to duty. Sulu was on the Enterprise in his lab when the ship encounter the planet killer and was thrown into a different quantum reality and the year 2380. Not only was Sulu thrown into a time where his great granddaughter and great great grandson were in Starfleet. Sulu was also given the opportunity to meet his grandson when the Enterprise-C arrived.

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