Yeoman Janice Rand

Name: Janice Rand
Rank: Yeoman
Position: Captain's Yeoman

Starfleet History
2266: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Yeoman

Personal History
Initially, the fact that Starfleet had assigned a female yeoman to his command disgruntled Captain Kirk. Much to his surprise, Rand delivered dietary salad to him, incorrectly believing he was aware his diet card had recently been changed by Doctor McCoy. Furthermore, the way Rand attended to Kirk at first frustrated him but, moments later, he thanked her. To that, Rand politely replied he was welcome, then exited, which left Kirk and McCoy to comment about her during her absence. Soon thereafter, Rand heated a pot of coffee. Since the power was off in the Enterprise's galley, she used a phaser to heat the pot. Rand then served the hot coffee to the bridge personnel. An artist by hobby, Rand had several paintings she had created hanging in her quarters aboard the Enterprise. At one point in 2266, Rand was sitting at the office area of Captain Kirk's quarters, holding a batch of crew manifest microtapes when Kirk arrived. She was unaware that, due to a transporter malfunction, the captain had been split into two distinctly different versions of Kirk, one of whom was weak and indecisive whereas the other was bestial and lustful. Without knowing the newcomer was actually the former manifestation of Kirk, Rand gave him the manifest records and, interrupted by him, was summarily dismissed. Soon thereafter, Rand was sought by the other version of Kirk, who hungered for her while drunk on Saurian brandy. She returned to her quarters and was attending to her hair in a mirror, all the while believing she was alone, when she was suddenly startled to see him there. Rand was surprised to the point of speechlessness – meanwhile under the impression her visitor was Kirk himself – when the duplicate Kirk began speaking to her intimately. He amorously mentioned to her the feelings they'd been hiding, claiming she was "too beautiful to ignore," "too much woman," and that they had both been "pretending too long." Rand screamed, however, when he suddenly grabbed her. While he then attempted to rape her, Rand fought back in self-defense, leaving a large scratch on the duplicate Kirk's face, a distinguishing feature which ultimately helped the crew differentiate between the two Kirk "halves." The situation was resolved, and the two halves of Kirk were merged in the transporter.

During her service aboard the Enterprise, Rand developed a close relationship with several officers and crewmembers, including Lieutenants Uhura and Sulu. Rand frequently struck up conversations with, and delivered meals to, Enterprise officers other than Captain Kirk, and she accompanied them throughout the ship. She enjoyed a more informal relationship with them as compared to the professional relationship she maintained with the captain, which implied she was doing it out of friendship rather than an assigned duty as a yeoman. After a waterborne virus spread through the Enterprise, affecting the emotions of the crew, Kirk suddenly shouted to Spock, "I have a beautiful yeoman!" Later, in the center seat on the bridge, befuddled by the virus, he reached a hand out to his "beautiful yeoman" standing next to him looking away at the screen and whispered under his breath, "No beach to walk on," meaning he and Rand, in other circumstances, might have had a life together. Later that year, orphaned teenager Charles Evans came aboard the Enterprise. Rand's maternal instincts were drawn out by the troubled boy, and she quickly befriended Evans, hoping to help him ease back into regular life. Evans, the sole survivor of a transport crash, had little experience with other Humans and quickly became infatuated with Rand. She, unsure how to deal with Evans' crush, asked Captain Kirk to speak to the boy on her behalf. Soon thereafter, the Enterprise crew discovered Evans' secret – while Evans was alone on Thasus, the mysterious Thasian race had taken pity on the boy and granted Evans special powers. Rand turned down Evans' advances, so he literally made her disappear from the Enterprise. The Thasians intervened and quickly returned Evans to Thasus. After her return to the Enterprise, Rand was shocked and troubled by the Thasians' actions. Having seen how desperately Evans wanted to stay aboard the ship, Rand confided to Kirk her feelings of friendship for the boy. Yeoman Rand was among the most popular female members of the Enterprise's crew, second only to Lieutenant Uhura, who was her good friend. She was known for her compassion and thoughtfulness toward others. Rand was regarded highly by Kirk for her hard work and diligence.

In 2266, the Enterprise played cat and mouse with a Romulan ship in the Neutral Zone. When Kirk was in his quarters resting during a lull in the battle, Rand was able to enter without knocking to check up on him and found him lying in bed. Alone with the captain, she was hoping to console him, as he was preoccupied by the potential for a second Romulan war, so she offered to bring him food or coffee to help him. Rand was on the bridge, with Kirk, when the Romulans fired a plasma torpedo at the Enterprise. As the torpedo got closer to the ship, Rand immediately walked up close behind the captain for protection, and rested her chin on his shoulder. For a very brief moment, Kirk protested, but when the torpedo was just seconds from hitting the ship, Kirk took Rand into his arms for protection. During one mission, Rand, Kirk, and other members of a landing party were trapped on Earth Two; adults on the planet had quickly developed a virus which had been accidentally as a result of a life prolongation project conducted there. Eventually, Rand began showing signs of the disease. Alone in a corridor with the captain, crying and upset, she found comfort in his arms. Miri, a teenage girl whom the team had befriended, witnessed this, became jealous of Rand, and later briefly betrayed them by having her abducted by the other children. Kirk, under stress from the disease, became preoccupied with Rand's whereabouts and was desperate to find her, affectionately using her first name whenever he referred to her.

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