Doctor Helen Noel

Name: Helen Noel
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Psychiatrist USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Starfleet History
2265: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Psychiatrist

Personal History
In 2265, Noel was assigned to the medical department aboard the Enterprise. That same year, she attended the science lab Christmas party, where Noel met Kirk and danced with him. At the same event, she heard him talk about the stars, and he addressed her by her first name.

In 2266, after Simon Van Gelder escaped from Tantalus Colony, Dr. McCoy, the department head of the ship's medical department, casually recommended Noel to Kirk, as a technical aide when the captain planned to investigate Van Gelder's treatment at the penal colony. She subsequently accompanied Kirk on a visit to the colony, with the aim of speaking to Dr. Tristan Adams regarding the accident which had purportedly caused Van Gelder to become insane, among other things. Noel was able to advise Kirk about the neural neutralizer. While not familiar with the specific equipment in use on Tantalus V, she was familiar with the concept, and assured Kirk that Adams had not created a "chamber of horrors" in the neural neutralizer – an assumption later revealed to be horribly wrong. After hours, Kirk enlisted Noel's aid in a hands-on demonstration of the neural neutralizer. Convinced she would be able to evaluate the effects and determine whether the device was injuring him, he acted as the subject, while she operated the equipment. They had discovered the device was far more effective than initially suggested when Adams and Eli overpowered her and began to employ the device to mentally condition Kirk. Included in this conditioning were powerful romantic feelings towards Noel, based on their chance encounter at the Christmas party. When Kirk awoke after his treatment, he fought off his feelings for Noel long enough to dispatch her through a series of air conditioning ducts to the colony's power supply. There, she managed to shut down the power to the colony, enabling Kirk to escape the treatment room, and the Enterprise's first officer, Spock, to beam down with a landing party and secure the colony.

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