SPECIES: Klingon
AGE: 25
D.O.B.: June 11, 2350
RANK: HoD (Captain)
ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer (CO); IKS Lokat Mur'An
MARKS: Scars from plasma burns on his upper left arm. Battle wound.
ABILITIES: Excellent Targeting, Considered a "sharp shooter" of Ship Weapons. A great Pilot as well. Good Command Experince, considering he was a yaS cha'DIch (Second Officer).

Toraq (Retired K.I.I., Civilian Weapon Shop Owner)
Mother: K'Larra
O/B: At'Tek (Died in Klingon/Cardassian War.)
O/B: Krothos (Starfleet Officer)
Y/S: Don'Tay
Uncle: Chancellor Martok
Spouse: Kat'ara
Children: Kelzia (Daughter)

KDF Academy Major: Weapons (3rd in Class)
KDF Academy Minor: Helm Piloting (7th in Class)

June 11, 2350 Pek'ToS son of Toraq (Martok's older brother) and K'Larra was born on Qo'noS. He went through Klingon Schooling until age 15, because by Klingon Law, he was within adult age (Which is 15, "Age of Ascension". He then joined the Klingon Defense Force (KDF). His first assignment was on the IKS luSpet at the rank of lagh (Ensign) as a 'orwI' (Pilot/Helm). In 2367 Pek'ToS was promoted to Sogh (Lieutenant) and made nuHpIn (Weapons Officer). In 2370 he was promoted to ra'wI' Sogh (Lieutenant Commander) and made DevwI' nuH yaS (Chief Weapons Officer) and doubled as yaS cha'DIch (Second Officer) of the IKS Pach. September 15, 2374 he married a Klingon woman named Kat'ara and on October 3, 2375 had a daughter named Kelzia. He was then transfered to IKS Mar'duk as yaS wa'DIch (Executive/First Officer) and promoted to the rank of ra'wI' (Commander). Once Shen'mak HoD went nuts, Pek'ToS challenged his Command. One year after the IKS Mar'duk was destroyed, Pek'ToS was cleared of any charges issued on the IKS Mar'duk. He was promoted along with all of his crew. Pek'ToS was given command of the IKS Lokat Mur'An.

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