Lieutenant David Galloway

Name: David Galloway
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Chief USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Starfleet History
2266: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Security Chief
2379: Named Security Chief

Personal History
His first assignment happened on stardate 2713.5, when the starship encountered Earth Two. He was a member of the landing party and was unknowingly exposed to a viral infection. He escorted First Officer Spock during an attack by the inhabitants. He also guarded a hospital lab where Doctor Leonard McCoy conducted his medical research. He was cured of the virus after McCoy discovered a vaccine. On stardate 2821.5, he beamed in the survivors of the Galileo before the shuttlecraft incinerated around Taurus II. He was a member of the Beta III landing party on stardate 3156.2 and was temporarily absorbed into the Body of Landru. He was imprisoned on Eminiar VII with the landing party on stardate 3192.1 and escaped with them while disguised as an Eminian guard. He assisted Spock in rescuing Ambassador Robert Fox from death in a disintegration station and guarded the Eminian High Council chamber as Kirk and Spock ended Eminiar's war with Vendikar.

Shortly after an encounter with the planet killer sent the Enterprise into the year 2379 the Enterprise was converted into a training ship prompting Commander Giotto to retire. This led to Galloway becoming the new Security Chief. His tenure as Security Chief began with controversy as he took Cadet Adarra into custody after an attack with Jem'Hadar weapons during an away mission injured Captain Spock. That action led to Admiral Akaar temporarily placing Galloway on leave and bringing in Commander Odo from DS9 to be the Acting Security Chief on Enterprise due to his skills as an investigator and the fact he would give the Changeling Cadet a fair shake. Galloway's reaction was to drink heavily and he even showed up at Quark's and to a counseling session drunk.

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