Lieutenant Paula Cassidy

Name: Paula Cassidy
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Chief USS Planck
Age: 32

Starfleet History
2367: Enters Starfleet Academy
2371: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2372: Assigned to Starbase 19 as Security Officer
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2377: Reassigned to USS Tanzania as Assistant Security Chief
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant
2379: Reassigned to USS Planck as Security Chief

Personal History
Paula was born in 2348 in Austin, TX to a security officer, her father, and a homemaker, her mother. After graduating from high school she applied to Starfleet Academy but did not make the cut. She successfully reapplied a year later and was granted admission as a Freshman. She majored in security and did not elect to have a minor. After her graduation from the Academy she was assigned to Starbase nineteen as a Security Officer. During her time on Strabase nineteen she studied to become a profiler. After five years on Starbase nineteen she was made the Assistant Security Chief on the Tanzania. When Project Full Circle was announced Paula expressed interest in being a part of it and was selected to be the Security Chief on the USS Planck under Captain Ben Zoma.

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