USS Enterprise


Commanding Officer Captain James T Kirk y-o6.png
First Officer Commander Spock c-o5.png
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu y-o3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Maurice Hadley y-o3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Danielle Rahda y-o3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Robert DePaul y-o3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Louis Spinelli y-o3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Beggs Hansen y-o3.png
Helm Officer Ensign Michael Jordan y-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Thomas Moody y-o1.png
Chief Navigator Lieutenant John Stiles y-o3.png
Navigator Ensign Ilia y-o1.png
Navigator Lieutenant Jana Haines y-o1.png
Navigator Ensign Virgil English y-o1.png
Navigator Ensign Pavel Chekov y-o1.png
Navigator Ensign Karen Clayton y-o1.png
Security Chief Lieutenant Jerry Freeman r-o3.png
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant David Galloway r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Oscar Josephs r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Anne Nored r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Dave Galloway r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ozzy Osborne r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lawrence Rowe r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Anthony Marple r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Paul Immauru r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jacob Davison r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Carl Lewis r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Markeys Hunt r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Nannie Bishop r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant George Dickerson r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Timothy Shea r-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Henry Carver r-o3.png
Security Officer Ensign Matthew Garrovick r-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Gabriel Bell r-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Danielle Carlton r-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Yancy Bensen r-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Lawrence Bardoli r-o1.png
Security Officer Ensign Shelby Atkins r-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Blake Vinci r-o1.png
Security Officer Crewman Harry Fields r-o1.png
Phaser Specialist Ensign Kevin Bremmer r-o1.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura r-o3.png
Assistant Communications Officer Lieutenant Elizabeth Palmer r-o3.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant M'Ress r-o2.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Nelson Harvey r-o2.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Angela Martine r-o2.png
Communications Officer Ensign Terrance Valentine r-o1.png
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott r-o4.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Vincent DeSalle r-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Frank Gabler r-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Isabelle Buttons r-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Akbar Singh r-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Dwight Rogers r-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Kenneth Leslie r-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Nicole Pendleton r-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Jared Washburn r-o2.png
Engineer Ensign Tiffany Morris r-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Roger Lemli r-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Jennifer Thibedaux r-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Bryce Harper r-o1.png
Maintenance Technician Chief Petty Officer Ricky Bobby r-o1.png
Transporter Chief Lieutenant John Kyle r-o3.png
Transporter Operator Lieutenant Peter Winkler r-o3.png
Transporter Operator Lieutenant Stephen Berkeley r-o2.png
Transporter Technician Technician James Wilson r-o1.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Leonard McCoy c-o4.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Jabilo M'Benga c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Mark Sanchez c-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Marie Bella c-o3.png
Head Nurse Nurse (Lieutenant) Christine Chapel c-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Abigail Butler c-o1.png
Medical Assistant Lieutenant Kevin Connors c-o3.png
Medical Assistant Lieutenant Clifford Brent c-o3.png
Med Tech Crewman Harry Bailey c-o1.png
Med Tech Crewman Tammie Daniels c-o1.png
Med Tech Crewman Nina Bolton c-o1.png
Psychiatrist Doctor(Lieutenant) Helen Noel c-o3.png
Chief Science Officer/First Officer Commander Spock c-o5.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Estoban Rodriguez c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Robert Kelowitz c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Charlene Masters c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant William Harrison c-o3.png
Science Officer Ensign Luke Floyd c-o1.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas c-o3.png
Meteorologist Lieutenant Karl Jaeger c-o3.png
Geologist Lieutenant Richard Carstairs c-o3.png
Geologist Lieutenant Robert D'Amato c-o3.png
Chemist Lieutenant Marlena Moreau c-o3.png
Specialist Lieutenant Mira Romaine c-o3.png
Astrobiologist Ensign Kenny Phillips c-o1.png
Geological Technician Crewman Edward Fisher c-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tonia Barrows r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Martha Landon r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Shu Tamura r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Doris Atkins r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Barbara Mears r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tina Lawton c-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tamesha Zahra r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Deborah Tankris r-o1.png
Yeoman Yeoman Teresa Ross r-o1.png
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