USS Enterprise


Commanding Officer Captain James T Kirk F8JFeV.png
First Officer Commander Spock XKzrsC.png
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Maurice Hadley oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Danielle Rahda oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Robert DePaul oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Louis Spinelli oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Paul Hansen oZWNmu.png
Helm Officer Ensign Michael Jordan 6I0ov3.png
Helm Officer Ensign Thomas Moody 6I0ov3.png
Chief Navigator Lieutenant Kevin Riley oZWNmu.png
Assistant Chief Navigator Lieutenant Ilia vZq3qW.png
Navigator Lieutenant Arex vZq3qW.png
Navigator Lieutenant Larry Matson vZq3qW.png
Navigator Ensign Pavel Chekov 6I0ov3.png
Navigator Ensign Karen Clayton 6I0ov3.png
Security Chief Lieutenant Jerry Freeman ibX0ZT.png
Assistant Security Chief OPEN ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Oscar Josephs ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Anne Nored ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Dave Galloway ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ozzy Osborne ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lawrence Rowe ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Anthony Marple ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Paul Immauru ibX0ZT.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jacob Davison GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Carl Lewis GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Markeys Hunt GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Nannie Bishop GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant George Dickerson GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Timothy Shea GHidmu.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Henry Carver GHidmu.png
Security Officer Ensign Matthew Garrovick 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Ensign Gabriel Bell 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Ensign Danielle Carlton 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Ensign Yancy Bensen 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Ensign Lawrence Bardoli 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Ensign Shelby Atkins 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Crewman Blake Vinci 6ZTV3T.png
Security Officer Crewman Harry Fields 6ZTV3T.png
Phaser Specialist Ensign Kevin Bremmer 6ZTV3T.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura ibX0ZT.png
Assistant Communications Officer Lieutenant Elizabeth Palmer ibX0ZT.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant M'Ress GHidmu.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Nelson Harvey GHidmu.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Angela Martine GHidmu.png
Communications Officer Ensign Terrance Valentine 6ZTV3T.png
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott 35Z4lg.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Vincent DeSalle ibX0ZT.png
Engineer Lieutenant Frank Gabler ibX0ZT.png
Engineer Lieutenant Isabelle Buttons ibX0ZT.png
Engineer Lieutenant Akbar Singh ibX0ZT.png
Engineer Lieutenant Dwight Rogers GHidmu.png
Engineer Lieutenant Kenneth Leslie GHidmu.png
Engineer Lieutenant Nicole Pendleton GHidmu.png
Engineer Lieutenant Jared Washburn GHidmu.png
Engineer Ensign Tiffany Morris 6ZTV3T.png
Engineer Ensign Roger Lemli 6ZTV3T.png
Engineer Ensign Jennifer Thibedaux 6ZTV3T.png
Engineer Ensign Bryce Harper 6ZTV3T.png
Maintenance Technician Chief Petty Officer Ricky Bobby 6ZTV3T.png
Transporter Chief Lieutenant John Kyle ibX0ZT.png
Transporter Operator Lieutenant Peter Winkler ibX0ZT.png
Transporter Operator Lieutenant Stephen Berkeley GHidmu.png
Transporter Technician Technician James Wilson 6ZTV3T.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Leonard McCoy 4VjE6F.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Jabilo M'Benga cPuEti.png
Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Mark Sanchez jG9x9m.png
Medical Officer Doctor (Lieutenant) Marie Bella jG9x9m.png
Head Nurse Nurse (Lieutenant) Christine Chapel cPuEti.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Abigail Butler FFe7NI.png
Medical Assistant Lieutenant Kevin Connors cPuEti.png
Medical Assistant Lieutenant Clifford Brent cPuEti.png
Med Tech Crewman Harry Bailey FFe7NI.png
Med Tech Crewman Tammie Daniels FFe7NI.png
Med Tech Crewman Nina Bolton FFe7NI.png
Psychiatrist Doctor(Lieutenant) Helen Noel cPuEti.png
Chief Science Officer/First Officer Commander Spock XKzrsC.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Estoban Rodriguez cPuEti.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Robert Kelowitz cPuEti.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Charlene Masters cPuEti.png
Science Officer Lieutenant William Harrison cPuEti.png
Science Officer Ensign Luke Floyd FFe7NI.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas cPuEti.png
Meteorologist Lieutenant Karl Jaeger cPuEti.png
Geologist Lieutenant Richard Carstairs cPuEti.png
Geologist Lieutenant Robert D'Amato cPuEti.png
Chemist Lieutenant Marlena Moreau cPuEti.png
Specialist Lieutenant Mira Romaine cPuEti.png
Astrobiologist Ensign Kenny Phillips FFe7NI.png
Geological Technician Crewman Edward Fisher FFe7NI.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tonia Barrows 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Martha Landon 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Shu Tamura 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Doris Atkins 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Barbara Mears 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tina Lawton FFe7NI.png
Yeoman Yeoman Tamesha Zahra 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Deborah Tankris 6ZTV3T.png
Yeoman Yeoman Teresa Ross 6ZTV3T.png
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