Specs for Odyssey Class

Commissioned: 2379-present

Length: 1100m
Beam: 300m
Height: 150m
Decks: 45
Mass: 5,000,000 metric tons
Crew: 2500

24 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 85,000 TeraWatts
1 x Type XX phaser canon
2 x Forward Quantum torpedo launchers
5 x Forward Photon torpedo launchers
8 x Aft Photon torpedo launchers
500 quantum torpedoes
250 transphasic torpedoes
5000 photon torpedoes

Defense Systems:
Regenerative Shield system with Auto Modulation, total capacity 10,130,000 TeraJoules
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
25 cm Ablative Armor on Demand via Ablative Generator.
High level Structural Integrity Field
Phase/Standard Cloak

Warp Speeds (TNG scale):
Normal Cruise: 8.5
Maximum Cruise: 9.99
Maximum Rated: 9.999 for 16 hours

Quantum slipstream drive:
Max Cruise: 300ly/hr
Max Rated: 450ly/hr (6 hours)

Expected Hull Life: 120

Refit Cycle:
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 years
Major: 10 years

Deck by Deck Layout

Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room, Main Bridge, Briefing Room/Observation Lounge

Deck 2: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters

Deck 3: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters

Deck 4: Docking Ports 1-3 (Port/Starboard/Aft), Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters

Deck 5: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, Holodecks 1 - 6

Deck 6: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, Primary Computer Core, Gymnasium

Deck 7: Holodecks 7 - 12, Junior Officers Quarters, VIP/Quest Quarters

Deck 8: Junior Officers Quarters, VIP/Quest Quarters, Primary Computer Core Control, Cargo Bay 1 & 2, Upper Primary Computer Cores 1-2, Upper Main Shuttlebay, Impulse Engines (P/S)

Deck 9: Sickbay-Alpha, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Office, Primary Science Labs, Primary Computer Core, Impulse Engines (P/S), Main Shuttlebay

Deck 10: Primary Computer Core, Junior Officers and Crew Quarters, Secondary Science Labs, Firing Range, Main Impulse Engines, Phaser Range, Chief Tactical Officer's Office, Main Brig, Secondary Weapons Control, Secondary Armory, Upper Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, Upper Aft Lounge/Mess Hall, Transporter Rooms 1-2

Deck 11: Recreation Deck, Living Quarters, Holodecks, Dorsal Docking Port, Environmental Support, Transporter Rooms 3-4, Lower Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, M/ARA Deuterium Injector Assembly, Aft Lounge

Deck 12: Recreation Area, Holomovie/Theaters

Deck 13: Upper Engineering Support Area, Secondary Deflector Control, Living Quarters, Deuterium Injector Assembly

Deck 14: Main Engineering, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Fore Torpedo Bay Control, Living Quarters, Hydroponics, Stellar Cartography, Deflector Control, Secondary Navigational Deflector, Quantum Slipstream Drive Control, Ablative Armor Generators, Type XX Phaser Canon

Deck 15: Lower Engineering, Primary Systems Support Compartment, Environmental Support, Living Quarters, Forward Torpedo Magazine

Deck 16: Transphasic Torpedo Magazine, Transphasic Torpedo Launchers

Deck 17: Living Quarters, Deuterium Storage, Power Distribution, Operations Department Office, Forward Torpedo Launcher (1)

Deck 18: Living Quarters, Cargo Bay 3 - Primary Cargo Bay, Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control, Deuterium Storage, Captain's Yacht Docking Station, Upper Shuttlebay 2

Deck 19: Secondary Computer Core Control, Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 5 and 6, Secondary/Aft Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Shuttle Bay, Navigational Deflector, Main Engineering Upper Level, Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, Upper Secondary Computer Core, Plasma Transfer Conduits

Deck 20: Secondary Computer Core, Primary Shuttle Maintenance Hangar, Tertiary Science Labs, Navigational Deflector, Main Engineering Lower Level

Deck 21: Secondary Computer Core, Primary Machine Shop, Stellar Cartography, Chief Science Officer's Office, Microlabs, Navigational Deflector, Aft Tractor Emitter

Deck 22: Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Environmental Control, Aft Torpedo Control, Navigational Deflector

Deck 23: Transporter Rooms 7 and 8, Waste Management, Environmental Support, Aft Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine

Deck 24: Brig, Armory, Power Transfer Conduit Control Center, Environmental Support, Forward Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine

Deck 25: Sickbay-Beta, Physical Rehabilitation Facilities, Living Quarters

Deck 26: Recreation Facilities, Holodecks 13 - 14 (Large), Lower Observation Lounge/Mess Hall

Deck 27: Holodecks 15 - 16 (Large)

Deck 28: Holodecks 17 - 18 (Large)

Deck 29: Holodecks 19 - 20 (Large)

Deck 30: Junior Officer Quarters

Deck 31: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 32: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 33: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 34: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 35: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 36: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 37: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 38: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 39: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 40: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 41: Temporary Midterm Quarters

Deck 42: Tertiary Maintenance Support Center, Secondary Systems Support, Gravimetric Polaron Generators, Antimatter Storage Pods, Forward Tractor Emitter

Deck 43: Anti-matter Storage Pods, Antimatter Generator

Deck 44: Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Anti-matter Injection Reactors

Deck 45: Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods

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