Specs for NX Class

Commissioned: 2151 - 2160; one in service

Length: 225 m
Beam: 136 m
Height: 33 m

Decks : 7
Mass: 285,000 metric tons
Crew: 82

6 x phase cannon , total output 24 TeraWatts
5 x Mod 3 photonic torpedo tube with 60 rounds

Defense Systems:
Light Monotanium Single hull plus 5 cm Polarised armor
Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Warp Speeds (TNG scale):
Maximum Cruise : 3.87
Maximum Rated : 4.25 for 1 hour

Expected Hull Life:40

Refit Cycle:
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 1 years
Major: 10 years

Notes : Thirty years in development, Enterprise was the first Human-built vessel capable of reaching warp factor 5.1 Under the command of Captain Archer, it conducted many exploratory missions in star systems near to Sol.

The enhanced NX class was fielded as a result of the lessons learned with the NX-01 in her first year of operation. The ship experienced a much higher threat level than expected, so most of the modifications which were being included in the NX-02 involved more firepower and more damage resistance. When the Xindi weapon attacked Earth in 2153, the NX-01 was recalled and refitted with the same weapon load which had been planned for the NX-02.

Improvements included enhanced polarizing systems for the armor and replacing the spatial torpedo tubes with photonic torpedoes with fifty times the range and much higher yield. Additional phase cannon were also added to both increase overall firepower and to give coverage on the dorsal hemisphere, something which had been lacking on the original NX design.

The NX-01 found these enhancements critical to her success in her mission against the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse - indeed, if anything Captain Archer noted that even more firepower would have been welcome, and additional enhancements were included in the NX-02.

Once arriving in 2372 the NX-01 converted to the new warp scale

Deck by Deck Layout

A Deck Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Captain's Mess, Umbilical Connects, Mission Operations

B Deck Science Labs-Astronomical, Cultural, Anthropology; Computer Core, Deuterium Tanks, Umbilical Connects

C Deck Science Labs-Physical, Engineering; Computer Core, Stage One Plasma Accelerators, Waste and Waste Water Recycling
Systems, Crew Gym and Recreation Facilities

D Deck Main Engineering, Computer Core, Transporter, Matter/Antimatter Assemblies, Junior Officers/Enlisted Officers Quarters

E Deck Launch Bay and Support Facilities, Cargo Bays, Main Deflector, Impulse Engines, Mess Hall, Galley, Officers & Enlisted Crew Quarters, Sickbay, Medical and Science Labs, Escape Pods

F Deck Armories Fore and Aft, Outer Launch Bay Doors, Torpedo Magazines and Storage, Lower Observation Deck

G Deck Main Guest Quarters, Planetary Science Labs, Sensor Processing Array

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