Lieutenant Nancy Ray

Name: Nancy Ray
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Communications Officer Deep Space Nine(II)/First Officer USS Defiant
Age: appears 32

Starfleet History
2390: Enters Starfleet Academy
2394: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2395: Assigned to USS Enterprise-E as Communications Officer
2372: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and reassigned to USS Malinche as Assistant Communications Officer
2375: Reassigned to USS Meridian as Chief Communications Officer
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant
2379: Reassigned to Deep Space Nine (II)

Personal History
Nancy Ray was born in the year 2372 in Dayton, OH. She joined Starfleet Academy after completing high school in 2390. Majoring in communications she was assigned to the Enterprise-E under Captain Worf as a communications officer. She served on the Enterprise-E for two years before she ended up sliding to a quantum reality where time moved a little slower and it was the year 2372 instead of 2397. Her first assignment "in the past" was aboard the Excelsior class Malinche as the Assistant Chief Communications Officer. During her time on the Malinche she was instrumental in the development of the holographic communications system Starfleet now uses. She served there for three years. Despite the age of the ship it also saw some time at the front lines of the war and in the DMZ. She was then assigned to the Meridian to be the Chief Communications Officer. With the retirement of Commander Vaughn in 2379 and the promotion of Commander Ro to command the Defiant as well as Odo's temporary reassignment to the Constitution class Enterprise the ship needed an experienced First Officer so Nancy was transferred to Deep Space Nine to be the station's Chief Communications Officer as well as man the station on Defiant and serve as Ro's First Officer.

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