NAME: Mor'tah
SPECIES: Klingon
AGE: 40
D.O.B.: 05/10/2336
RANK: Sogh (Lieutenant)
MARKS: A scar running down the side of his cheek from a battle, honorary scar, won battle.
ABILITIES: Bat'leth, Mastery and trained for years, Daggers, singing, hand to hand combat.

Lor'tah (Deceased)
Mother: Qua'tah
Spouse: None
Children: None

KDF Academy Major: Marine Command
KDF Academy Minor: Engineering

Mor'tah was the only child of Lor'tah and Qua'tah, His father was killed by a renegade Romulan who had snuck into their house one night when Mor'tah was just a baby. He didn't know much about his father, except that he was a great warrior, and the stories that he had heard from his grandparents and his mother about his fighting abilities.

When he was 13, he entered the Klingon Junior military ranks and worked his way up fighting hard, and being one of the best in both Hand to Hand and the Bat'Leth. He earned his scar in a honorable fight that was the end of year tournament. He was good at school, learning many things, and being one of honor and fighting prowess. Once he turned 18, and became a man, he took up and went straight into the acadamy, learning both command and engineering. He took to both quite easily, and was soon graduating near the top of his class.

13-18 Klingon Junior Military Training
18-24 KDF Acadamy
24-30 IKS Mondo, Engineering Officer
30-35 IKS Mondo, joined WeHwl' as a gunner
35-40 IKS Mondo, WeHwl' XO
40-Present IKS Lokat Moran, WeHwl' CO, Ranked as a Sogh

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