Captain Montgomery Scott

Name: Montgomery Scott
Rank: Captain
Position: Liaison to SCE
Age: 157 (appears 82)

Starfleet History
2241: Begins Starfleet career
2265: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Chief Engineer
2270: Promoted to Commander
2285: Promoted to Captain and named Captain of Engineering on USS Excelsior
2286: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
2293: Retires
2371: Returns to Starfleet
????: Assigned to USS Sovereign as Chief Engineer
2375: Becomes Liaison to SCE

Personal History
Montgomery Scott was born in Scotland on Earth in 2222. He spent part of his life in Aberdeen, once referring to himself as an "old Aberdeen pub-crawler." Upon being asked how he adjusted to space travel, Scott once admitted, "I was practically born to it." He joined Starfleet and began his engineering career in 2241. During his 51-year career in Starfleet, he served on a total of eleven ships, including various freighters, cruisers and starships. He also briefly served as an engineering advisor on the freight line between the Deneva colony and the outlying asteroid belts. He was the writer of several technical manuals, which included Operating Protocol - Flow Sensors. A copy of this manual was stored in the Engineering Systems Database aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2366. He was also responsible for writing Starfleet Regulation 42/15, entitled "Pressure Variances in IRC Tank Storage", which was part of the basic operational specifications for impulse engines. These specifications were admittedly written "a wee bit" conservatively.

In 2265, Scott was assigned to the USS Enterprise where he served as second officer and chief engineer under Captain James Kirk. The Enterprise was the first ship on which he was the chief engineer. His duties also included maintenance and operation of the Enterprise's transporter systems. Three of his top engineers included Lieutenants Kyle, Leslie, and Gabler. As the ship's second officer, Scott assumed command when both Kirk and Spock left the ship, or they both were incapacitated. Thus, he often faced critical diplomatic and military situations. In 2268 Kirk noted him to commendation for his outstanding command performance without disobeying the Prime Directive and saving the landing party on planet 892-IV. However in 2267, Kirk jokingly "fired" Scott when he couldn't repair the ship's engines and break out of orbit around Gamma Trianguli VI. After the destruction of Vaal Kirk immediately "re-hired" him. Despite being a capable command officer he never pursued his own command post because he "…never wanted to be anythin' else but an engineer."

By the late 2260s, Scott knew more about the warp engines aboard a Constitution-class starship than the men who designed them. This knowledge and ability to save the ship in a jam eventually led to his reputation aboard the Enterprise as a "miracle worker." This was brought about by his reputation for being able to effect starship repairs faster than usually required. Scott later admitted that he often padded his estimates of time needed for repairs by a factor of four in order to appear that much faster. In 2268, Scott stated that he knew the Enterprise better than Larry Marvick, the man who designed the starship. When Marvick visited the ship, escorting the Medusan Ambassador Kollos, Scott made a bet, that he won't find his way around the engine room. When Scott allowed him to the warp engine controls, Marvick, under the madness brought on by the sight of the Medusan, attempted to take over the vessel, and hurled it into the void surrounding our galaxy. In 2267, Scott was attacked and killed by Nomad, a probe originally launched from Earth in the early 21st century. Kirk was distraught by the death of his valued chief engineer, but Nomad informed Kirk that Scott could be "repaired" and the probe revived Scott in sickbay. Later, Scott assisted Kirk and Spock in beaming Nomad out into open space before it exploded from Kirk talking it to death. Later in 2267, Scott was thrown against a bulkhead of the Enterprise during an explosion. This resulted in a severe concussion and possible amnesia. He was ordered to take time off for therapeutic shore leave on the planet Argelius II. While on Argelius he got into "a wee bit of trouble," as he later described it, when he was accused of murdering an Argelian woman named Kara. Scott's situation worsened when he was accused of two more murders, those of another Argelian, Sybo, and fellow officer Karen Tracy. Scott was later acquitted of the murder charges, following the discovery of a non-humanoid lifeform called Redjac in the form of Mr. Hengist, who was found to be responsible for the murders, and who admitted to being Jack the Ripper and other serial killers in previous incarnations. Scott was extremely proud of the Enterprise. In fact, he was so proud that he once started a bar fight aboard Deep Space Station K-7 when the Klingon named Korax suggested that the ship should be hauled away as garbage. As a result, he was confined to his quarters by Kirk. Scott smiled and told Kirk the punishment would give him a chance to catch up on technical journals he had not had time to read. Shortly after the incident at K-7, Scott managed to rid the Enterprise of the tribbles which had infested the ship. Much to the pleasure of Captain Kirk, Scott, in collaboration with Spock and McCoy, beamed the tribbles aboard the IKS Gr'oth where they would be "no tribble at all". In 2268, Scott helped Kirk, Spock and McCoy regain control of the Enterprise after the ship was invaded by agents of the Kelvan Empire and set on a course to the Andromeda Galaxy. Before leaving the Milky Way Galaxy, Scott and Spock devised a plan to destroy the Enterprise at the galactic barrier, but Kirk decided against it. Later Scott tried to incapacitate the Kelvan agent Tomar by drinking various alcoholic beverages with him. He got Tomar so drunk that the alien passed out, but his plan was foiled when Scott passed out before he could leave his quarters.

In the same year the Enterprise was hurled hundreds of light years away from a Kalandan outpost, and sabotage accelerated the ship to dangerously high warp speeds. Scott risked his life by entering the access crawlspace to the matter-antimatter reaction chamber to repair the fused matter-antimatter integrator, a procedure so dangerous that it was not to be undertaken while the integrator was in operation. When a faulty magnetic probe nearly ruined the procedure, Scott demanded that Spock eject him from the chamber into space, but Spock risked critical seconds to allow the engineer to successfully complete his task. In 2268, Scott's position as second officer and chief engineer required him to participate in executing the auto-destruct sequence to prevent Bele from hijacking the Enterprise to return Lokai to the planet Cheron. Scott also threatened the female Romulan Commander that he would use the auto-destruct to destroy the Enterprise and "as many of you as we can take with us" when it was surrounded by Romulan vessels during its espionage mission to appropriate the Romulans' cloaking device. Also, in 2268, Scott prevented Garth of Izar from escaping the Elba II asylum to board the Enterprise when he challenged Garth, who, in the guise of Kirk, had attempted to order Scott to transport him to the ship, by requiring Garth to provide the countersign to the prearranged chess problem. Scotty was romantically involved with Starfleet sciences division specialist Lieutenant Mira Romaine at least when she was aboard the Enterprise during its mission to Memory Alpha. Scott figured prominently in the successful attempt to prevent Romaine's body from being appropriated by the Zetarians. In carrying her occupied person to McCoy's decompression chamber, Scott insisted to Kirk, "Mira will not hurt me." Nevertheless, he was thrown across the room by their influence. Scotty complained to Kirk that "one of those barefoot whaddyacallems" had entered Engineering and "tried to incite my crew to disaffect". In 2268, Scotty was present in the transporter room along with Kirk, Spock and Lieutenant Dickerson when Presidential honors were rendered to the Excalbian who had taken the form of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. He scoffed in suggesting sarcastically that "Lincoln" would be followed by "…[King] Louis of France and [fourteenth-century King of Scots] Robert the Bruce!"

In 2270, Commander Scott played an instrumental role in the massive refit of the USS Enterprise while serving under Captain Will Decker. In March 2285, Scott was a participant in Saavik's Kobayashi Maru scenario at Starfleet Training Command. Though not present on the bridge simulator, his voice was heard on the speakers. After the scenario, he served aboard the Enterprise under the command of Captain Spock. He was the ship's chief engineer for a three week training cruise. Upon receiving a call for help from Regula I, Starfleet Command ordered an investigation by the Enterprise. With Rear Admiral Kirk assuming command, the cruise was cut short. The Enterprise became involved with Project Genesis and Khan Noonien Singh's attempt to steal the Genesis Device. Eventually, Kirk was able to stop Khan, but not before the latter had wrought extensive damage upon the Enterprise, requiring Captain Spock to sacrifice his life to save the ship. One of the casualties was Scott's nephew Peter Preston. Scott played the bagpipes at Spock's funeral. With the Enterprise safely at Spacedock, Scott was promoted to captain and reassigned to the USS Excelsior as Captain of Engineering during the ship's early test runs. Scott detested his assignment aboard the Excelsior, citing the ship as little more than a "bucket of bolts", and didn't particularly care for Captain Styles either. He later sabotaged the Excelsior, removing components from her transwarp computer drive. This prevented the ship from jumping to transwarp drive when the Enterprise was stolen for an unauthorized mission to the Genesis planet. When arriving at the Genesis planet, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey ambushed the Enterprise and opened fire, disabling Scott's automation system and leaving the ship as "a sitting duck". Scott, along with Kirk and Chekov, initiated the Enterprise's auto-destruct sequence to prevent it from falling into Klingon hands. The crew beamed down to the planet, where they watched their beloved ship burn up in the atmosphere. This would later in life affect Scott emotionally, when he comments that the Enterprise was "his home and where he had a purpose". In 2286, Scott traveled back in time to 1986 along with the rest of the Enterprise crew to find a pair of humpback whales. In order to construct a water tank for them, he visited the Plexicorp facility as "Professor Scott" from Edinburgh. Making a deal with plant manager Nichols he gave him the formula of transparent aluminum in exchange for a sheet of plexiglass. When Doctor McCoy objected against "changing the future," Scott pointed out "How do we know he didn't invent the thing?". After returning home, he was reassigned as chief engineer of the newly commissioned USS Enterprise-A. For three weeks, after a shakedown cruise, the flaws in the starship's systems were being identified and repaired under the supervision of Scott. Scott played a role in exposing the Khitomer conspiracy in 2293. Upon beaming down to the surface of Khitomer, he shot Colonel West, who was about to assassinate the Federation president and kill Lieutenant Valeris, out of a window and several stories to his death.

In 2293, Scott obtained a boat in anticipation of his retirement from the Enterprise-A. Scott appeared as a "guest of honor" along with his former commanding officer, James T. Kirk, and his old crewmate, Commander Pavel Chekov, for the maiden voyage of the new Excelsior-class USS Enterprise-B, commanded by John Harriman. When the Enterprise-B responded to the distress call from two El-Aurian transports, Scott assisted in beaming a small group of survivors on board – 47 out of a total of 150. When the Enterprise became trapped in the energy ribbon the transports were in, Scott formulated a theory to use an antimatter discharge to disrupt the ribbon long enough for the vessel to break away. After Captain Kirk modified the deflector relays to emit a resonance burst, Scott and Hikaru Sulu's daughter Demora were able to get the Enterprise clear. However, a hull breach was created on the secondary hull by the ribbon on the ship's way out and Kirk was presumed to be blown out into space. Upon being asked by Commander Chekov if anyone was in the deflector control room on deck 15 when it was hit, Scott stared out the breach into space and solemnly stated "Aye". In 2294, following his retirement from Starfleet, Scott traveled aboard the USS Jenolan to the Norpin colony, where he planned to spend his retirement. The Jenolan, however, encountered a Dyson sphere en route, and while attempting to investigate it, the transport crashed on its surface. Scott and fellow engineer Matt Franklin were the only survivors. Together they rigged the Jenolan's transporter systems, and existed for nearly 75 years in the ship's transporter buffer. In 2369, Montgomery Scott was rescued by the USS Enterprise-D, but Franklin's pattern was too degraded to be recovered. After Scott helped rescue the Enterprise-D from the Dyson sphere, Captain Picard rewarded him with the Enterprise's shuttlecraft Goddard.

In 2371, Scotty was visiting Argelius II when he encountered Burgoyne 172, assistant chief engineer of the USS Excalibur. Burgoyne's comments caused Scott to re-enlist in Starfleet. Scotty served a tour of duty as chief engineer of the USS Sovereign, testing new technologies for possible implementation on all Sovereign-class vessels. In April 2375, after Scott's tour on the Sovereign ended, Admiral William Ross offered Scotty the position of head of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Scotty accepted, though only on an interim basis, until Ross could find someone better suited for the position. He disliked the administrative aspects of the job, and spent as much as time as possible out of the office doing hands-on tasks, delegating his responsibilities to Commander Leland T. Lynch. Scotty saw the SCE through the Gateways Crisis and the reconstruction efforts around the Federation following the war. In 2379, Scotty volunteered to be a part of an inspection team reviewing the crew of the Enterprise-E, fearing that Starfleet's choices for the other inspectors were dubious at best.

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